Trump’s a Human Snowplow.

IMG_0396He has knocked down just about every obstacle the left throws at him.  From Russian collusion to Stormy payoffs to racist and sexist accusations and impeachment threats, the man keeps plowing through. Nothing stops this guy.

His ratings rose to 52% approval after his State of the Union Address which is higher than Obama’s at same time period.  If he manages to compromise with the Democrats this week on a border wall, game’s over. Trump will look like a pragmatic leader and negotiator and will have the down payment for the wall and renegotiate the rest during his next term. He said it last night, “This is what I do.”

He played “them” the right way as they were not going to give in.  But they are all so involved in spinning the New Green Deal that they endorsed that they don’t have time to get in the way of the snowplow.  They would actually be doing themselves a favor by compromising as they look so socialistracist, and antisemitic that all the news on them is negative.  Nancy is starting to wonder who got voted into the House and why? She doesn’t want to spend her time apologizing for these uniformed children.

My favorite comment in Trump’s rally last night was, “We will never be a socialist country!”  The crowd roared.  All he has to do is run on that slogan alone, and he will plow through to a win.





















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