Trump: “We Were Born Free And We Will Stay Free.”

IMG_0432Just as a newborn fawn, we are all born free in America and want to stay that way.  The socialists want to take our freedoms away.  And if they do, you can kiss your health plan goodbye, kiss your vehicle goodbye, kiss your social security check goodbye, kiss your good paying job goodbye, kiss your safety goodbye, kiss your warm home goodbye, kiss your clean parks and cities goodbye, kiss your gender goodbye, kiss your vacations goodbye, kiss your safe schools goodbye, kiss your food goodbye and too many more freedoms to list.

Here’s what they want you to be: A bike-riding, childless,  genderless, solar-homed, government dependent, healthless, jobless, pot-smoking, vegan.  Basically zombies. That is their utopia.  Is this what you want?  I don’t think so.

Vote them all out next time.  We have to be careful of the young, impressionable voters.  They vote from their hearts rather than their brains as Winston Churchill once warned.  Clean air and water and paychecks for all is what they are hearing. Global warming is their mantra.

They’ve all been brainwashed from kindergarten on up.  Teachers are teaching our children liberal, social justice issues.  They bring their own one-year-olds to gay pride parades where scantily dressed men are dancing and kissing in the streets.  How do you think our kids will turn out if raised that way?   Too much exposure to alternative life styles at a young age combined with the legalization of pot and the younger and younger usage of smart phones is a recipe for disaster.  Something has to give, like the movie says.  You don’t have to be a psychologist to predict this.

With traditional values coming back under the Trump administration maybe, just maybe, we can thwart this trend that is being taught in our schools nationwide.  I, for one, am shocked by what teachers are telling their children. They are teaching hate of Trump, Godlessness, un-patriotism, gay sex, gender confusion, protests, and global warming ad nauseam.  If their parents don’t combat what they are learning in school, the future of America looks dim.

We were born free and we will stay free with the help of the deplorables, the dregs of society, and the irredeemables.  We have to stick together and stand up for our rights. Don’t let the socialists take over our country.  Vote them out!  Don’t let their liberal, social justice issues become the norm.  Let’s raise our kids with traditional values despite what Hollywood and teachers are instilling in them.  Let’s let boys be boys and girls be girls without interference of the feminist and liberal movement.

Happy Valentines Day to all, if that is permissible in this participation trophy society.  Sharing of valentines is probably considered insensitive to a kid that didn’t get enough valentines and, therefore, not allowed in schools any longer.  Let’s face it, we have our first crush in second grade, so that crush will get the best valentine from you. It’s called life; the left is trying to squeeze all the life out of our lives. Let’s not let them any longer.

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