The Leftists Are Grasping at Straws by Protesting Trump’s Border Crisis Emergency

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On President’s Day the loony left are going to protest his declaring a national emergency to build the wall. The fake news are calling the crisis at our borders a manufactured crisis.  So their sheep will go to the streets looking like fools again.

I am amazed at how many ignorant famous people we have in our country.  From some manufactured hate crime by an actor to our previous VP going to Munich to say he’s embarrassed of America, to a manufactured rape at a high school party, to a congresswoman thinking 2 billion dollars grows on trees not generated by jobs and tax revenue, the left are showing they are really suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Get some help!

I can remember just last year before our election when the left orchestrated a mass invasion of our border by caravans from South America in order to embarrass Trump prior to the election.  They were calling it a chaos presidency over and over. But when it was exposed that they were responsible, fake news stopped reporting it.  But it hasn’t stopped.  Illegals got through our borders and are seeing the prosperity of American and are telling their folks back home to come.  The invasion is real and it needs to be stopped.  The left wants them pouring over the border so they can get them to vote Democrat.  Simple as that.  That’s the only way they can win, by cheating.  Just like Hillary tried to do in the last election with the help of a complicit FBI .

McCabe admitted he was part of the deep state in a recent interview and Rosenstein wanted to wear a wire to get some goods on Trump in order to invoke the 25th Amendment.  They never wanted Trump to win and were willing to break the law to get him out.  Orders were coming from the top (Obama) but no one wants to admit that.  There’s a reason he and Michelle sat there at Trump’s inauguration scowling. They were steaming mad inside but they knew they had a plan set in motion to oust Trump. There’s a reason he held a meeting with his staff saying everything they did was on the up and up.  No one would have to say they did things on the up and up unless they weren’t on the up and up.  Susan Rice had to write a memo on this very meeting in order to clear her conscience.  They were all in cahoots to take down our president, and they should all be going down themselves.

The list of corrupt politicians and government employees is so long now, I can’t name them all.  It all began with Benghazi (Obama ordering a stand down) then the tarmac meeting and then Comey going rogue.  Then the fake dossier which was passed around the Senate and eventually ended up at the FISA Court.  Then enters Mueller who gathers a team of Trump haters and Hillary lovers to investigate our president for collusion.  Two years later, everyone that worked on Trump’s campaign has been indicted for lying.  But no one has colluded.  Some Russians placed ads on Facebook on their own.  I’m quite sure there were more pro-Hillary ads as Facebook is liberal social media. Not one vote was changed.  More recently they are trying to link a flippant comment made at a rally by Trump, implying that he and Roger Stone conspired with Wikileaks.  Ridiculous!

Grasping at straws seems to be all the leftists have left to stay alive. They are sinking in quicksand.  From real Democratic racist elected officials, to anti-semites, and socialists, they are looking for anything to grasp onto. Trump is up in the polls and it’s eating the fake news from the inside out.

So, go to the streets sheep with your fake news signs.  Someday you’ll look back and realize that you were duped by the fake news and wish you hadn’t been protesting like a fool.




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