Smollett: Story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”

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First this actor staged a racist letter sent to himself from Trump supporters which got no attention from the PD, just like the shepherd in the Aesop Fable tale. So a week later he has two buddies stage an attack of himself and says they were two white, MAGA-wearing, racial-slurring, homophobic Trump supporters, again like the shepherd in the Aesop Fable tale trying to get attention.  This time he got attention but, ironically, this actor is the one who committed a race/hate politically motivated crime.  And he has stirred up hate among blacks for Trump which was what he intended to do.  And, of course, celebrities, fake news, and liberal politicians jumped on board piling on Trump.

From Kamala to Spartacus to Pocahontas to Juno actress to Maxine to The View to all the fake news, they all blamed Trump for inciting race baiting and even poor Pence got blamed.  This is the attention the wolf-crying actor wanted.  He has so much hate for Trump, he couldn’t even say his name so he calls him “45” like Maxine Waters does and gave up his career to stage this stupid unbelievable-from-the-onset crime.  Fake crime.

When will the fake news get it right?  They ALWAYS take the wrong side of every issue. They are looking so bad right now.  FOX News, on the other hand, handled it correctly. They waited for the facts to come out and at least an investigation by the PD. They reported the alleged attack; which it was, alleged.  And now all the evidence points to it being staged by two of his buddies–not two white guys–saying racist and homophobic remarks on the coldest night in Chicago this year. And the clincher is, he used a screenplay from one of his acting jobs to come up with this hoax.  What a loser.  Not even an original story.  Not only is he a liar, but he’s a plagiarizer. 

This fake news that hate crimes have escalated against African Americans has to stop.  These hoaxes just add to the narrative, and we don’t need that.  It all started under Obama with the Beer Summit whereby he blamed the Boston PD for discriminating against a black homeowner, then it escalated to “hands up don’t shoot” hoax then to the Trayvon Martin rush to judgment.  The fake news continues to rush to judgment but they are always the wrong conclusions and they never apologize afterwards.  It is becoming a pattern.

Trump deserves an apology from this actor as well as all the newscasters that jumped on board together with the lame celebrities that are filled with hate themselves.  Listen, Juno unknown actress, your only movie sucked and for you to say Pence is filled with hate makes you look filled with hate.  If you don’t like the way you turned out, don’t blame others. Look in the mirror, girl.  Pence is a well-respected, moral man and should never get reprimanded from the likes of you. And you were 100% wrong!  PERIOD!

We need to have stiffer sentences for those who file false claims. If this actor doesn’t serve time, others with the same intent will copy him.  This isn’t the first time a black has claimed that MAGA hat wearing thugs attacked them.  But it is the first time an actor said it, which he knew would get national attention.  Most of these hoaxes don’t get reported as they are soon exposed by the PD.  They gave this guy the benefit of the doubt because he was a known actor.  He needs to be locked up to set an example if nothing else. If he gets off like Dr. Ford, Swetnick, and others who filed false reports, it will be repeated by other cry-wolf hoaxers out to get Trump.

The Trump-hating, liberal, partisan hack, fake news needs to stop.  Isn’t there one neutral, unbiased, objective reporter or news person left in the main stream media?  We are on to you.  America is watching and not believing you any longer.  Shape up or give up your profession.  You’re an embarrassment to newsmen of the past.  They are all turning over in their graves.

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