Anything Worth Having…is Not Worth Getting For Free.

piles of u s dollar bills on silver and white suitcase
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One must earn it or pay for it.  Imagine a college degree obtained for free.  How much will employers value your degree once it is announced that it was gotten for free?  How about that health insurance that is given for free?  How many doctors will be willing to take in a patient that has full coverage without paying for it?  And what will the quality of his service be?  Everything of value costs money.

Would you go to a hairdresser that offered her services for free?  I think not.  Would you get your automobile serviced if it was given for free?  How about a free plastic surgery? Call the Botched show.  What about free rent?  Sounds good but the quality of the apartment would be substandard. Would you drop your child off at a free daycare?  Wow, that would be risky.  A driver’s license used to be an honor to receive as well as voting rights.  Now the socialists want to give them out like candy to illegal aliens.  Gasoline-operated cars would be a thing of the past as well as your electricity. Socialists will jack the price of oil so high, you’ll be forced to go solar or battery-generated vehicles.

Now Bernie and some of the other socialists running for president are planning to give out freebies in exchange for votes.  But at what cost?  The cost of our country going bankrupt.  The cost of the ruin of our country and the world.  Hospitals would have lines out the door for patients. Operations would have a seven month waiting line like in Canada. Colleges would be overcrowded as well as the dorms.  There would be no room for the students and the teachers would have impacted classes thus turning a four-year degree to possibly six years to get through.  Roads would be overcrowded with lousy drivers and voting legally would be a thing of the past. There would be so many illegal votes the whole system would implode on itself. Eventually these Green ideas would lead to anarchy with violent people taking to the streets against the government like they do in Paris and Venezuela.

So be careful what these politicians are offering. If it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. Most of them know nothing about economics and have never held a real job or hired anyone for that matter (Hillary, Obama, Bernie, Biden, Pocahontas, Spartacus). We can’t believe a word they are saying. They are just pandering to the young and illegal voters.

It’s also rich that they are running on stopping racism and anti-Semitism when they are the party that has been found most guilty of conducting themselves that way.  Projection much?  And their identity politics is tiresome.  Just pandering to women or people of color never worked in the past. Ask Hillary.  You have to have policies that actually promote growth in business and economy.  Without that, they’ll surely lose.

We will never be a socialist country! We are born free and we will stay free! So start saving your coins for the future.  A penny saved is a penny earned.

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