Will McCabe Just Go To Jail, Already.

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Who is this clown and will he just go away already?  He lied to Congress and is apparently currently under investigation and has admitted to being part of the Deep State that tried to take out Trump in a coup d’ etat, yet he’s profiting from his crime with a book filled with lies.  He’s still trying to get the public to think Trump was involved with Russia to win the election.  He’s feigning fear that Trump was involved with Russia.  No one believes it. Only leftist loons would. Without Russia’s help how in the world would he have won? 

What happened to equal justice under the law?  Why do we have a duel justice system? Manafort, Flynn, and others did far less than this clown, yet he’s walking free and able to write a book for profit with his partner in crime, Comey.  I thought crime doesn’t pay but in these unprecedented times, apparently it does. Can’t the people see through this?  Or are they believing the complicit fake news that is having McCabe appear daily to spew more lies?  How dense are the public? McCabe is actually trying to rationalize what he did, in order to taint a future jury pool, no doubt.  Rosenstein sees the writing on the walls and is leaving as Assistant Attorney General.  He knows he’s next on the chopping block. But why and who are allowing this scumbag McCabe to run free trying to influence the public yet others are sitting behind bars? Are all the judges part of the corruption too, like the FISA court judges?  Who paid them off?  I heard one of them was friends with Strzok.

I can only hope that the new AG, William Barr will finally clean house and indict McCabe and Comey and put these scoundrels behind bars.  I have $100 bet on those two going to jail first but am still waiting.  My 100 bill is growing mold on it. Sessions, although a good man, must have been threatened by the Deep State and was told to “stand down.”  Obama’s favorite mantra is “stand down.”  Little did Sessions know what he had gotten himself into until he realized the conspiracy was bigger than ever imagined and started from the top, Obama.

This conspiracy is so unbelievable that it would be turned down as a novel as being too contrived.  But this is what the Deep State intended.  The more contrived we make this sound, the more the people won’t believe it if we are discovered. And it seems to have worked so far. I’m not sure the fake news believes it but they are definitely complicit and carrying their water likes mules, regardless. And asses they are.

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All the conspirators seem to get the benefit of the doubt that they were “only kidding about wearing a wire,” or “those texts were just hyperbole not intended for public view” or the classic “I don’t recall doing or saying that,”  and “I’m not sure who was in the room or who changed the wording on that computer, but it was a big office.”  The more details you add to a lie, the more your victims will believe you.  This is how a sociopath thinks. Sociopaths are running the coup d’ etat. 

The Democrats are pretending to buy McCabe’s story hook, line, and sinker as they want the public to believe that Trump was in bed with the Russians. McCabe will be their new savior like Comey, Dr. Ford, Smollett, and Stormy.  They revere felons. This is the only way they can justify Trump winning.  But they are willfully ignoring the fact that it was Hillary that was in contact with Russians when she paid for the fictitious Steele Dossier.  And they ignore her pay to play Uranium One deal with the Russians whereby Bill Clinton got huge amounts of money to do speeches.   In fact, I thought someone was investigating that crime but have heard only crickets.  Are all the investigators’ families getting threatened by the Deep State?  Makes me think so, as it is just dragging on too long.

First-time-I’ve-ever-been-proud-of-my-country, Michelle Obama, has never done one thing for our country to qualify her to run for president. Yet her adoring fans want her to run.  She planted a vegetable garden.  Big whoop!  She changed the school menus to healthy food that the kids threw out.  Big failure!  She wears a wig.  She’s phony all put together in a dress. Behind every great man, there’s a woman?  Well, with that said, behind every corrupt man, there’s a woman. 

We won’t stand for another four years of the likes of Obama and all his corruption from pallets of cash going to Iran Deal in the dead of night, to the failing Solyndra, to Fast and Furious gun running, to stand down Benghazi, to the Paris Climate Change sham, to IRS scandal, to the Veteran Administration scandal, to sending emails to Hillary on her private server then lying about knowing about it, to this coup d’etat of Trump and more more scandals too long to list.  And yet, Obama had the balls to say “his administration was never under investigation.”  Well I wonder why?  Because the investigators were/are all involved in his scandals. They can’t investigate themselves!  Otherwise Mueller would be investigating himself.

Put these clowns McCabe and Comey behind bars already.  They’re an embarrassment to the FBI and to clowns.

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