At What Price Tag…Fame?

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At the cost of the safety of millions of Trump supporters?  At the cost of spreading racial hate across America? Did Smollett really stage his attack to garner national attention whereby he’d demand a higher salary on the show Empire?  He already made $60,000 an episode.  I’m not so sure this was his motive. 

I think he’s suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome and his motive was to spread the hate.  His hate is so deep, it’s oozing out his pores.  So to get the story off him being filled with hate rather than his so-called attackers, he switches it to “he wanted a raise.”  FYI: Hate crimes get a stiffer sentence. He’s just another Colin Kaepernick.

This guy fanned the flames of racial hate across America by using props of a noose and bleach.  It was premeditated. He appeared on talk shows lying to the nation with a made up story.  He sucked in Trump-hating celebrities, potential presidential candidates, and news commentators into his narrative. One newscaster said, this is America 2019.  A has-been actress said Pence’s hate for gays is the reason Smollett got attacked. Cory Booker, who’s running for president, said it was a modern day lynching. Even TMZ bought it and won’t admit that they rushed to judgment or that the actor contacted them. The Trump-hating fake news media all used his story to smear Trump which Smollett no doubt loved.

Trump and his supporters need an apology from this scam artist and the media who bought into it–not just the LBGT community and the black community.  They weren’t the target of this nuts hate. He never thought he’d be caught. He never thought his two buddies would be caught and sing like canaries.

Smollett needs to spend a long time in jail thinking about what he did. He needs to lose his job and never become a director.  He sucks at directing a scene.  He overplayed his hand with the noose, bleach, and poorly written dialog.   Too stereotypical racist sounding. And what kind of dummy has his co-conspirators buying evidence caught on camera and him writing them a check for their services?  Dumb and dumber has a new meaning.

My biggest disappointment is with the people who believed his story from the onset. Celebrities wanted this story to be true. Why would they think Trump supporters are like this?  Maybe because the media has led them to believe that Trump supporters are angry, MAGA hat-wearing, homophobic racists.  This is what they call Trump daily.  Bernie just called Trump a racist and xenophobic in a statement. This is all the left has to run on–smearing our president. They all figure if they say it often and loud enough the people will believe it.  Which they have.

The Superintendent of PD in Chicago didn’t mention Smollett’s MAGA-hat-wearing-white-guys false claim in his address to the reporters. But certainly Chicago is not MAGA country.  Never was, never will be.  Another stupid accusation by Smollett.  Smollett may go down as the dumbest person of the year if there is such a category. He wanted fame and victimhood status, well, he got it; but it’s now known as infamous.

The fake news media is already defending him with comments like “Trump made racist remarks in tweets,” and “he’s a black man who told a lie and is getting punished, Trump lies everyday.”  The media blames Trump for everything. They will eventually blame him for Smollett’s crime saying he inspired the actor into committing this crime.  It may be his defense when it goes to trial. And if he has a jury of his peers, how many Trump haters are in Chicago?  A lot.  Beware of a media-tainted jury.  Shades of O.J. and Michael Jackson trials are coming to mind.

I hope if anything positive comes from this sham, it exposes the media’s bias against Trump and the media will be more careful before jumping on another story like this. I won’t hold my breath. Try some investigative reporting. “If it doesn’t ring true, it probably isn’t,” Judge Judy always says.

UPDATE:  The fake news media is ignoring Smollett’s story now that he’s been caught and they all have egg on their faces. They are saying he deserves due process and presumption of innocence.  The due process and innocence they wouldn’t give Kavanaugh. Double standard much?

Also, Smollett got out of jail on bail and returned to work. He addressed his co-workers saying, “I swear to God I didn’t do it!”  Wow, this guy is doubling down on his lies.  He can’t have it both ways.  If you did it for a raise, how did you not do it?  Something for the stupid left media to ponder.  Probably went over their heads.

Yesterday a conservative student got assaulted on Berkeley campus and the crime is going unreported by the left media and not investigated.  Apparently, hate crimes of conservatives are allowed on campus.  Double standard much?

Again I ask, at what price tag, fame, Smollett?

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