What Do Smollett and Hillary Have In Common?


Smollett reminded me of someone; it finally dawned on me.  It’s Hillary.  Aside from the obvious similarities of them both liking big bucks $$$, liberals, and supporters of Obama.  Here’s why:

  1.  They both blamed an attack on someone else.  Hillary blamed Benghazi terror attack on a conservative man who made a hateful video. Smollett blamed his attack on two imaginary hate-filled conservatives.
  2. When asked by authorities for their cell phones as evidence, Hillary smashed her cell phones and Smollett deleted his texts.
  3. They both like bleach.  She bleach bit her computer’s hard drive, and he claimed bleach was thrown on him. Very curious.
  4. When authorities were closing in on them they both claimed a medical condition, she fainted and said she had pneumonia; he claims he’s under the influence of drugs–both to garner sympathy.
  5. Her reason for the cover up was she wanted a promotion to President; his reason for the fake attack was he wanted to promote his career to the next level.
  6. When asked to come in for questioning, they both dragged their feet and lawyered up.
  7. They both had heads of law enforcement give a rather scathing speech about them on national television, but then they were remarkably released.
  8. They both have the main stream media and Hollywood on their sides and circling the wagons for them.
  9. They both turned on the authorities by saying they are trying to pin something on them like in a conspiracy. A right-wing conspiracy no doubt.
  10. They both have the Democratic politicians on their side using their cases to smear Trump.
  11. They both have been publicly critical of our president.
  12. They both support Black Lives Matter, the Resist Movement, and have no respect for the police.
  13. They both did stupid things when trying to commit a crime.  He paid his accomplices with a check.  She deleted 33,000 emails after Congress subpoenaed them.  Dumb and dumber. They both never watched Columbo.
  14. She was married to a man who ran our empire. He worked on a show called Empire.
  15. They both claim Trump supporters are violent people filled with hate which is really what they both are.  Projection much?
  16. They both have lied to the public on national television. Her saying over and over her 33,000 erased emails were about yoga, the Benghazi attack was a protest gone wild over a video; him saying his attackers gave racial slurs, slugged him in the face, put a noose around his neck.
  17. He wrote a death threat letter to himself with white powder in it which is a federal crime; she lied to congress about not receiving any calls for added security for Benghazi, prior to attack.
  18. She wrote a book entitled What Happened. He’ll write a book entitled What the F–k Happened? on how his scheme went to hell in a hand basket.
  19. They both hired foreigners to do their dirty work.  She hired Englishman Steele to write a salacious dossier; he hired two Nigerians to attack him and purchase supplies.
  20. They both voted for Hillary in the last election; he probably thinks the Russians were involved in stealing the election from her. She knows better but won’t admit it.
  21. They both thought they were above the law, when they broke the law.
  22. Both their crimes were premeditated. She set up the private illegal server in her home, and he sent the illegal death threat letter to his workplace.
  23. They both love the status of victimhood and love lots of bucks$$$.imgp1373

Bottom line is:  She has yet to be brought to trial. Still hasn’t copped up to any wrong doing. They both will take their lies to the grave.  But she lost in the court of public opinion. Let’s hope the authorities and a jury get this one right and don’t fall for any more of his lies.

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