We Left California, When Leaving Wasn’t Cool.

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In 2004, after living among Bush-bashing liberals for years, we finally left the state that Bill Maher thinks is so cool.  We don’t want to be elite coastal liberals, we want to leave elite coastal liberals as their ideas are all wrong for the country.

Bill Maher, you insulted most of America with your mindless dribble.  We don’t want to be known by the labels we wear, the plays we attend, solar panels on roof, or the famous chefs who live on the coasts.  That kind of pompous nonsense is not what’s important in life.  Raising children into decent, loving, successful adults is the most important thing in one’s life. And, if not so fortunate to have a family, to at least be a loving contributing member of your extended family or close friend’s families.

Bill Maher has no family and only has fame.  Fame is not family.  Maher will find out when he’s in assisted living someday with no one to love or miss him.  He’s truly misinformed if he thinks insulting all the red states will make Democrats win in 2020.  Hillary tried it with the deplorables remark and Biden tried it with the dregs of society.  Shaming the people who didn’t vote Democrat is not the way to get them to change their votes next time. Ask Madeleine Albright or “not-so-bright.”

You were right, however, we don’t hate the elites on the West and East Coast.  We aren’t the ones filled with hate.  You and your ilk are.  We are happy with the way Trump is running the country despite what Spike Lee said at the Oscars–“replace hate with love in 2020.”  All you are doing is projecting your hate onto Trump and his supporters.  Nice try.  I guess when everything is going good in the country all you have left is to make people think it isn’t…by lying.  Sort of like Smollett.  You are no better, Maher and Lee.  Lying to the young impressionable minds that watch your show is a form of brainwashing.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  And probably are.

Nobody I know wants to be you, Maher.  There’s nothing you have, that we aspire to. Don’t flatter yourself. You are self-loathing. You hate your religion and your people. You can’t even date in your own race.  And PETA is crazy and you’re part of them.  So go to your elitest Broadway plays to clap and cry “bravo” over and over; walk your “rescue dog” down the unsafe streets of New York, drink your Starbucks coffee, and go your solar-paneled estate surrounded by walls and guards.  And purchase your expensive designer labels from your exquisite shopping malls and dine where a famous chef comes out and shakes your hand.  But be sure to wear your pre-torn designer jeans that look worn like you worked hard once in your life. And smoke your legalized pot to your heart’s content. And be sure to let your Sonoma wine breathe before taking a sip. We don’t care.  Enjoy it, whatever floats your elitest boat.

white sailboat on body of water near city
Photo by Robert Stokoe on Pexels.com

We, on the other hand, will buy good-looking shoes and normal purses that aren’t over priced, watch a movie on TV, sit by a wood-burning fireplace sipping home-brewed coffee, cook meals from old family recipes, not pay for grocery bags, not owe state tax, and clap “patty cake” with our grand babies. And we won’t smoke pot or let a mountain lion kill us. That’s what makes US happy.

People are leaving California in droves due to ever-rising property taxes and rent, crazy climate-change, tree-hugging governors, and sanctuary cities that release illegals into the general public. Crime has increased since they legalized pot and homelessness is abound.  Cities like San Francisco are littered with human feces, needles, homeless, and crime.  Nice job, Nancy.

You can have your coastal, liberal states that you and yours ruined with crazy laws and taxes, Maher. Maybe it’s really you who want to be us.  You’re projecting again.  We don’t want you, though.  Stay where you are.



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