Cohen Testimony: What Did We Learn?

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We learned that Trump is not an angel.  If we wanted an angel to be our candidate, Huckabee would have won.  We voted for the toughest candidate that could stand up for himself and bring our country back, not a choir boy.

What else did we learn:  Did Trump ever have affairs?  Maybe.  Did Trump ever boast about his net worth? Possibly.  Did Trump ever boast about his polls? Yes.  Did Trump like Obama? No.  Did Trump brag about his grades in school? Yes.  Did Trump try to get out of going to Vietnam War? Yes. Did Trump pay hush money to a blackmailer weeks before the election? Yes.  Was Trump saddened by rundown communities that African Americans have to live in? Yes. Were all of Trump’s side business practices on the up and up? Probably not.

BUT, did Trump ever destroy evidence that was subpoenaed? No.  Did Trump ever erase thousands of emails or crush his cell phones? No.  Did Trump pay anyone to write a false dossier about an opponent? No.  Did Trump collude with Russia and the FBI to win the election? No.  Was Trump involved with Wikileaks? No.  Has Trump done anything illegal since taking office? No.  Did Trump ask Cohen to lie to congress? No.  Is Trump a racist, con, and a cheat?  No, Cohen was apparently projecting or Shiff et al wrote that for him.

Is Cohen trying to be a martyr? Yes.  Is Cohen a tax cheat? Yes.  Is Cohen a hypocrite? Yes. Were Cohen’s closing remarks written by Clinton hack Davis? Yes. Were his opening and closing arguments filled with political red meat? Yes.  Was Cohen used by the Democrats like Shiff to take down Trump?  Yessiree! Is Cohen planning to write a book or a movie after or before he goes to jail?  Yes, yes, yes!

Some remarkable statements by Cohen were that Trump never intended to win.  That he was trying to build his brand.  Huge lie! So Trump spent 20 million dollars and two years out of his life just to build his brand?  Cohen was just repeating the Democratic talking points which are stupid. Cohen also said that he never wanted a job in Trump’s cabinet.  Bigger lie!  

When Trump said facetiously at a rally that “ya gotta love wikileaks,” it was after the wikileak dump about Hillary despite what Cohen testified.  Then Trump jokingly said, “if you have those missing emails Russia, turn them over to a reporter and make a reporter really happy.”  Her server was already shut down when he made that flippant remark. But the left always fails to report that. You can’t hack emails from a computer that is shut down.  The media and Dems repeatedly say that Trump asked Russia to hack her computer.  BIG LIE!  They must think we’re stupid.

This untimely political attack on Trump today, while he was overseas trying to make peace, was nothing more than a sham in order to get public endorsement for impeachment.   This committee should be ashamed of themselves, but they never are.  The only thing I learned today was, Trump is not an angel.  I just hope the general public didn’t lose faith in Trump after this hearing.

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