America Has Flipped on its Head, Soon to Suffer a Concussion if it Doesn’t Right Itself.

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Everything I see and hear in the news lately is becoming increasingly disturbing.  Leaders of Israel and Canada under investigation; an immature millennial running the House; Cohen being used by the left to threaten the outcome of 2020 election; disgraceful accusations of our president during a televised hearing; the word racist being used over and over; companies being shamed out of cities for being successful; fake racial tensions; politicians insulting our country overseas; Americans ignoring peace efforts of Trump in NOKO; Hollywood protecting a political hate-crime suspect; Hollywood calling conservatives envious of them; the Democrats threatening impeachment of Trump.

America is flipping upside down right now and no one says a thing about it.  There should be outrage!  We shouldn’t have to take this nonsense, but we do.

Why does the House put up with a mere child pushing them around?  Why do they kowtow to the foul-mouthed new minorities in the House?  What are they so afraid of?  Why are they turning socialist right before our eyes?  They shouldn’t have to put up with this, but they do. It makes the leaders of the House look weak. It’s hard to watch.

Cohen’s written speeches during his testimony said it all.  He basically repeated all the left’s talking points (lies) about Trump from racist to con man to building his brand.  All Democratic lies about him. He’s being controlled by the left.  How much are they paying him to spread lies about Trump?  Or has someone threatened his family?  He claims he’s afraid of Trump’s threats?  That’s a lie too as it is the Clinton machine that carries out threats. Cohen is just another Balsey-Ford or Smollett for the left.  They are using him.

For him/they to say that if Trump loses the next election there will not be a peaceful transition is the kettle calling the kettle black. We haven’t had peace since Hillary lost.  She’s still behind the insurance plan and part of the deep state.  She orchestrated, along with Obama and the FBI, the Mueller investigation over Russian collusion. Yet she was the one that colluded with Russia.  She’s behind all the protests in the streets since Trump won the election. They look for reasons to go to the street.  The last protest was against his national emergency at the border.  Trump will not have a smooth transition? Kettle black much?

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Wake up America!  We’re heading for a concussion if we don’t right ourselves.  It starts in our country and spreads to others.  Look at Israel, Canada, and England.  They hear we are trying to impeach; they figure they can do the same.  We need to set a good example and stand up to the crazies on the left.  They are all looking increasingly crazy. They have never accepted Trump and will do anything to oust him. They are hoping it comes before the next election because they have nothing to run on besides socialism, hate for Trump, and racism which are all ridiculous. They are desperate. We shouldn’t have to put up with this, but we do.

Stand up America. Stand up to the loons on the left by refuting their lies. Speak out.  Don’t be afraid of their response.  Otherwise, the more they repeat their lies, the more they will be believed.  Let’s get off our heads and back onto our feet where we can think clearly again.

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