Green New Deal Seeks a World as Portrayed in H. G. Wells’ Movie, “The Time Machine.”

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A utopia where no one works; there are no laws, no government, no money, no transportation, no books, no past, no future, no children, no weapons, no cattle, no fire, and no emotions. But there’s clean air, clean water, fruit-bearing trees, lush landscaping, gender neutrality–all wearing dresses, and no one lives past age thirty.  Why?  They (the Elois) are the cattle controlled by the Morlocks who went underground during a world war and turned cannibalistic.

These Elois think they are “living the dream” like the Green New Deal promises: sitting by a river sunning themselves and eating grapes. No skin cancer, no cell phones, no diseases, no worries.

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Careful what you wish for.  The Eloi’s utopia was the result of a World War that lasted three hundred years destroying all the air, water, food, and structures on our planet. It took to year 802,000 for the planet to come back to life.  This disaster from war is what Trump is actually trying to avoid.

World war is much more threatening than a storm, melting icebergs, hurricanes, or drought.  In fact, California’s drought, that they are always ballyhooing about, is over.  They are experiencing flooding like they did twenty-five years ago.  History repeating itself–not climate change.  Moral is: Don’t build or buy homes too close to rivers, Russian River. Or at least improve your drainage system, city and county.

But the Green New Deal warns of climate change being our country’s biggest threat.  This isn’t true.  World wars are.  We don’t want an enemy with a nuclear bomb to attack us.  This is what Trump is trying to avoid. Denuking is the name of the game.  Not partial denuking.  Not possible denuking (Obama). Complete denuking. It only takes one nuclear bomb to destroy us.  And there are a lot of nuts out there with nukes.

Although these futuristic pipe dreams of utopia are like a siren call to the young minds of students, they need to study the history of weather and stop relying on scientific predictions.  Models can’t predict everything.   Life does.  If past is prologue, weather changes with time; and how egocentric is our generation to think that we are affecting the climate drastically with fossil fuels when we are just a speck of sand in the centuries that earth has been around? Pretty egocentric.

So, when most of the presidential candidates are running on climate change as well as gender neutrality, or the #metoo movement, think about the fake utopia that the Green New Deal (GND) promises.  We don’t want to end up a lazy society that gets handouts from the government (socialism) and that has a box for an X on our driver’s license where it asks “M, F, or X.”  X meaning no gender. And we wouldn’t need a driver’s license anyhow, if cars are outlawed.  No one will need an ID at all in a GND country. Everything is free, money is not needed. Just get in line for your next meal like the Elois and hope you’re not on the menu.

We are self-sufficient, independent-thinking people with a sex, not gender-neutral like the men in The Time Machine. They were weak, asexual males, wearing sundresses.  That’s not a world we want to live in, but H. G. Wells was good at predicting the future. And this is a prediction we don’t want to come to fruition, bountiful fruit trees notwithstanding.

So reject the preposterous Green New Deal and gender neutrality or you’ll end up in a world of lazy, asexual Elois being controlled by the Morlocks, metaphorically speaking.


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