Gullible or Hatred: Which One Possesses The Left and Will They Ever “See the Light?”

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For two years we thought the Trump Haters were filled with hate or just plain gullible. But after listening to the founder of #walkaway on Levine’s show, we see behind the curtain what they really felt. This founder admits he was brainwashed by the Obama-coddling left media via the internet and fake news to believe all the propaganda against Trump and all the fawning news of Obama for eight years.

We understand some people believe everything they read or see on the news, but this guy had hate for FOX News–wouldn’t even turn it on to get an opposing opinion.  Many folks are like him.  When Trump won, he cried for days and went on Facebook asking his liberal friends ‘how could this happen?’ Much like our Democrat friends did and all the main stream media.  He had heard Trump had no chance of winning.

No one answered him except one older female conservative that he hadn’t de-friended yet.  She explained to him how the fake news had targeted Trump and turned everything he ever said at a rally against him.  He finally started comparing the news channels and realizing how they bury positive news or highlight one part of the segment that fits their narrative against Trump over and over until the followers believe it–which was what he had done for years.  Now he is being open-minded to the other side. Before he was led to believe Trump was a racist, xenophobic, homophobic, womanizer.

Suddenly a light went on and he had an epiphany. So it wasn’t hatred or being gullible--just being brainwashed.  Now he compares all the news and can see right through the left media’s agenda: take down Trump.  And he can see how the Trump supporters (deplorables) are being physically and verbally attacked, much like gays and African-Americans once were, which angers him too.  He had the capacity to understand Trump’s comment on the Charlottesville protest that there were good people on both sides, people who wanted the statues removed and people who wanted them to stay.  It was never anything to do with the KKK like the fake news reported and keeps regurgitating. Deplorables are the new target of hate.  We should have a “deplorable pride parade.”

This guy believed that Obama had done no wrong in eight years.  He believed this because that’s what the fake news had told him as well as Facebook and the New York Times. And his friends had told him FOX news was FAUX news for years. When a fish swims in water, all he knows is water. Similarly, when a person watches MSNBC, all he knows is what they tell him.

It was obvious from the get-go from the campaign and the debates that THE FIX was in against Trump. They ganged up on him from the first debate on.  Then when he won the general, they pulled out all the stops from the Hollywood Access tape to Stormy Daniels.  These low-lifes were paid to come out of the woodwork to take out Trump in the eleventh hour.

Trump had gone from hero to zero the minute he said he was running as a REPUBLICAN.  Conversely,  if he ran as a Democrat he would have been swooned over and beloved from the get-go.  It was never about the hate for Trump.  It was the hate for Republicans in power, and they feared Trump had the secret sauce to win.  A person can’t go from a beloved icon to reprobate in such short time and they had protected Obama for years, so it wasn’t much of a stretch to see they were lying about Trump from the beginning.

This founder of a “walk away from the left” movement has made a complete one-eighty.  We just wish the rest of the brainwashed folks could see the light as well and “run away” from the left.

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