Hollywood Clams Up on University Bribery Scandal

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Yesterday’s university scandal was commented on by all the usual suspects except Hollywood.  I guess when it’s one of their own, they clam up.  I suspect that they are looking for an angle to blame Trump for the dirty deeds of these rich elitist parents, coaches, and executives.  They’re probably scouring through Ivanka’s college application at this minute or seeing if Singer owns a MAGA hat.  They will look for a conservative scapegoat, no doubt.  New York Times already downplayed the scandal as parents have to resort to cheating in order to get their children into college–blaming it on the colleges.

One by one these Hollywood elites from Smollett to Huffman are getting exposed for who they really are.  “Do as I say, not as I do” is their mantra.  Imagine the example these parents have set for their children.  “As long as you can cheat your way through life and not get caught, you will reap bountiful rewards.”  Also it gave them bragging rights at Hollywood parties about what college their little angels got accepted to.

I notice Hollywood rewards felons in the recent movies they make too.  They used to have the criminals getting caught in the end leaving the audience feeling good.  Now they have the criminal getting caught, destroying evidence (Hillary), serving no time, and writing a bestselling book on their crime.  Crime isn’t supposed to pay.  But in recent years of Comey, McCabe, Hillary, Michelle, and soon to be Cohen having bestsellers, it is paying.  This sets another bad example for potential felons. One of the coaches involved in this scandal is a family friend of the Obamas.  Birds of a feather thinking they are above the law again.

The Huffman actor was a champion for women’s empowerment for her daughters as well as an outspoken critic of Trump saying he has no character.  Kettle calling the kettle black again. I guess her daughters weren’t smart enough for the elite liberal education she wanted them to have, so she resorted to cheating.  Her husband is well aware of what she was involved in. He’s not stupid.

This bribery scandal caused potential students (who worked hard for good grades and studied for the SATs) to be overlooked.  Now I’m wondering how many more parents are gaming the system by cheating and bribing.  This may be just the tip of the iceberg.  And if these parents and coaches get off with a slap on the wrist, we should all be outraged.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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