Are the Rich and Famou$ More De$erving Than the Re$t of Us Peon$?

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I’m beginning to think so.  From Hillary getting a pass from the FBI to celebrities bypassing the strict admission requirements into ivy league colleges, do the rich and famous have a different set of rules to abide by?  It’s a rhetorical question.

The rest of us are getting tired of the way they slip by the law and rules to get what they want.  When they have all the money in the world, do they think they are entitled to give their children the best that money can buy even though their children didn’t do the hard work that goes along with what the ivy league school requires?  Apparently, yes.  Similarly, do the rich and famous think they can skirt the government rules and set up a private server in their home to conduct shady pay for play business on the side?

This university scandal may be bigger than first thought.  It may include athletes’ children, team owners’ children, and politicians’ children.  How did Chelshi get into Stanford, I wonder?  How did Obama’s daughter get into Harvard?  Should we abolish the legacy and the purchase of a campus building to get a student admitted?  It’s not fair to the other students who don’t have the money or the name to have to compete with these kids.

When the rich and famous discover their kids aren’t going to get into the college they want them to, do they have a conversation that goes like this, “We’ll just have to give the school a large donation and see if that helps little Janie get in,” or do they say, “Let’s hire a college admissions counselor to pull some strings to help our child get in.” Maybe they start out thinking this is legally allowed but when the college admission counselor calls to say we need about $50,000 more to get your girl in and proof of her being part of a sports team, do they think this sounds fishy? When the counselor asks for a head shot of their daughter to photoshop over another athlete’s picture, does this give them pause?

I don’t know what mitigating circumstances these parents will come up with, but I doubt if it will be good enough for us to believe.  All I do know is they hold themselves to a higher standard than the rest of us.  They think they are deserving of more just like when they go to the Oscars to get awarded for doing their jobs.  No one else gets awards for doing their job well.  It’s a false sense of appreciation that they have become accustomed to which has led them into breaking the law.

Has the media been told to stand down on this story, as I see less and less of it being reported.  What other prominent parent has turned up on the college admission scandal list?  Hmm.  Or are the media still trying to find a way to blame Trump for these parents?  Notice how the media has already blamed Trump for one nut in New Zealand.  Clearly whenever something goes wrong in the world, they will try to blame Trump for it.  They never blamed Obama or Bernie for the congressional baseball shootings.

Let’s send these parents a message by punishing them to the fullest the law allows so this favoritism will come to an immediate halt.  Let’s level the playing field for all the students to give them a fair shot at entering college.

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