Preacher Gets Political at a Funeral

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I recently attended the funeral of a relative in a beautiful church in a resort town.  The funeral was well attended and flowering, tearful eulogies were given by family members and friends.  After music, singing, and prayers were said and the service was winding down, the preacher suddenly says out of the blue, “There’s so much hate in the world.  Look at the mass shooting in New Zealand at a church.  Reject hate in all forms.  Reject racism.  Reject sexism.  Reject xenophobia and discrimination of all forms.”  It went on. I was shocked. I tuned out after he said sexism.  There’s no place for these comments at a memorial service.

I suddenly imagined we were at the Oscars listening to a #metoo actor’s acceptance speech or McCain’s funeral or just watching The View. That wasn’t the place to lecture the people who came to show respect for the deceased.  We didn’t go to the funeral to hear his opinions on what he thinks of the world.  It was inappropriate and sounded like a feminist’s talking points.  He wouldn’t say that at a wedding.  So he should keep those thoughts to himself.  It’s okay to be said at his next Sunday service to his members but not at a memorial service filled with people from all over.  And why bring up such negative thoughts at the end of a beautiful service where grieving loved ones spoke endearingly about their friend, relative, or mentor?

Can’t we go anywhere to escape politics these days?  Not even in a church? So thoughtless.

May my relative rest in peace.

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