Democrat Candidates Want to Abolish ICE, Fossil Fuel, Cattle, and Electoral College; Lower the Voting Age and Pack the Supreme Court!

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And America as we know it will come to an abrupt halt. The Democrats haven’t come to grips with their 2016 loss.  In order to never lose again, they want to abolish the electoral college and go by the popular vote (illegal votes).  They want to add more members to the Supreme Court to garner an advantage over the conservative majority that exists in the court right now.  They want to abolish ICE which will cause more illegals to cross over the border and vote illegally in our next election. And finally lower the voting age to sixteen to get all those kids brainwashed by liberal teachers who’ll vote Democrat in order to get a good grade. When all else fails, change the rules.

We know that illegals voted in California for Hillary but no one seems to care. All they have to do is use a “provisional” ballot which gets added in after the votes are tallied.  No one cared afterwards since Trump already won by electoral college, so it never got challenged.  BUT they added those “provisional” ballots regardless of their validity to the total votes in California. Now they aren’t even hiding the fact that illegals (newcomers) will be able to vote in next election.

Pelosi has renamed the illegals the newcomers. I love her new dictionary: Border security is lawnmowers, money is crumbs, MS13 are God’s children, border wall is manhood, passing a bill is reading a bill, and anti-Semitic comments are misinterpretation of our language.  What’s next in the Pelosi Dictionary: Shredding the constitution is recycling paper.

By not pointing out this fake “popular” vote, it just perpetuates the lie that Hillary won the popular vote. Pocahontas wants “Every vote to count!”  But she fails to say every legal citizen’s vote to count.  The Democrats don’t care if they cheat as they have been getting away with it since the 60’s.

Everything the Democrat candidates are proposing will destroy America as we know it.  We will no longer be the country other countries look up to.  Without fossil fuel, cattle, and airplanes there will be no food delivered to big cities. Big semi trucks are diesel gas operated and they deliver the food. People will starve and eventually cities will die out one by one.  The only place left to live will be in the country; but, ironically, their land will be covered by solar panels and wind propellers leaving no room for crops.  This sounds extreme but it is the unintended consequences of implausible green plans. It will result in a disaster of apoplectic proportions.

In fact, if Trump doesn’t win in 2020 our country will be no more.  There will be no turning back. The liberal, brainwashed-participation-trophy millennials will take over like pods in Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  We can kiss our beautiful country good-bye.

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