I’m Shocked by the New Green Democrats.

green and black dragon illustration
Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com

They are snubbing the Jewish AIPAC Forum that Benjamin Netanyahu will attend and speak.  Are they trying to look anti-Semitic?  They couldn’t do any more to look anti-Semitic.  Benjamin praised Trump and that’s all it took for them to turn on Benjamin.  Plus he’s a conservative in Israel and that just doesn’t sit well with the New Green Dems– NGD. I hope the Jewish population is listening and watching today and that this news isn’t buried. The NGDs hate anyone that likes Trump.  Period.

These New Green Democrat’s ideas are so far out: from reparations to African-Americans (even though our country has given them breaks for years over the rest of us) to wanting to change years of Supreme Court and Electoral College history. When all else fails, cheat your way into the White House and universities. Most of the parents involved in the cheating scandal were publicly against Trump one even saying Trump has no character. Projection much?

The New Green Democrats sudden defense of McCain, who they tore apart mercilessly when he ran for president, is rich.  Trump’s first comment about McCain getting captured was flippant and probably regrets it; but heroes that fought their captors off rather than being caught never got the heroes welcome home as most of them died.  That was probably what Trump inarticulately meant.

McCain was no angel himself.  When McCain came home from being a POW, he dumps his wife who waited for him for years.  That shows no character or loyalty to his marriage. He was not loyal to his voters when he turned down repeal of Obamacare. McCain was vindictive when he asked for a presidential funeral and chose to use his funeral as a Trump-bashing memorial service. He also asked that the president not attend his funeral nor his former running mate, Sarah Palin.  That was cruel. McCains way of saying that she was the reason he lost the presidency.

I see why Trump is not a fan.  Plus he was the senator that passed the fake dossier around to the press and FBI (if not helped in paying for it) which started the ball in motion for the Mueller witch-hunt Investigation. He even said “we can go to hell” if we disapprove of him passing the fake dossier to the FBI.  Him and Allbright sending half of America to hell. The New Green Democrats need to shut up about McCain.  His legacy will speak for itself; he doesn’t need defending.  May he rest in peace.

If these New Green Democrats think they can win an election with these far out ideas like Gillebrand promising social security to illegals to Beto who eats dirt and puts his dirty shoes on restaurant tables, good luck NGD’s. Biden trying to play identity politics by suggesting a black women as his running mate was just that–checking two identity boxes if he runs. We don’t want Stacey Abrams one heart attack away from the presidency.  Who is she?  We don’t know.  And everyone–Democrats, Republicans, and the media–need to stop reporting on “the bartender.”  She’s as dumb as a rock and spews nonsense.  The more they talk about her crazy ideas, the more the millennials will idolize her. We all need to shut her down. She’s an embarrassment to the Democrat Party.



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