The Elephant in the Room.

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With all the talk about the Mueller Report and how terribly wrong the main stream media was for two years, there’s an elephant in the room that no one wants to address.  Who started the coup d’etat against Trump?  They refer to this elephant as “they.”

I hear commentators skirting around the edges of who started this ball rolling but are afraid to say who started it.  They’ll say things like it started at the top, right? It annoys me that they won’t go there.  Aside from Sean Hannity and a few of his guests, most politicians and guests fail to point out where it began.  They’ll mention Strzok, Page, Ohr, Comey, and McCabe et al but these folks weren’t working in a vacuum.  They have a leader.

Let’s finally call a spade a spade.  Who spread the lies to Brennan and Bernstein and Schiff and Nadler?  They all spoke with conviction that Trump was involved in collusion with Russia and that they had direct evidence.  They boldly spoke of Trump being indicted and spending time in jail when his term was up. And the fake news media took the ball and ran with it from comedy shows to talk shows repeating the lie that Trump was in bed with the Kremlin.  They even called FOX News an arm of the Kremlin.

Who was doing all this lie spreading?  Who told investigators to stand down after they found out the truth about the hacked emails from Julian Assange?  Who was it?  You’re probably thinking Hillary as she has been surprisingly silent since this report came out.  And the Clinton Machine is very powerful.

But come on, folks.  It’s plain and simple.  It’s Barack Obama. He’s behind all of the scandals and usually comes out smelling like a rose as he keeps his hands clean. He has his drones working for him. Like when he said, “Everything we did was on the up and up,” in a private meeting with his cabinet before he left office.  He controlled the FBI’s dirty cops and the deep state.  He is the puppet master pulling all the strings and the man behind the curtain with the smoke and mirrors. He probably told them that what they were doing was for the better good of America. And they bought it. Not an excuse for breaking the law, but it was coming from their boss.

And today “someone” got to the Chicago prosecutors and told them to stand down.  Hmm wonder where that came from? Maybe someone who comes from Chicago and wants to protect the guy who hates Trump and fabricated a hate crime against Trump supporters.  Again the press appears clueless and won’t hint at where this is coming from.  The puppet master.

He’s the elephant in the room that no one wants to mention.  In fact, he’s been incredibly silent since the report came out. Probably seething. When they finally get the nerve to investigate him like they did Trump, all the pieces of the puzzle will fall in place. But everyone is afraid to touch him for being labeled a racist.  It’s quite a conundrum we’ve got ourselves in.


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