Smollett, the Boldfaced and Baldfaced Liar, Gets a Slap on the Wrist.

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Smollett speaks to his fans saying his mother’s son would never do what they are accusing him of.  (He’s a little angel.)  Tripling down on his lies; lying to his mother, his fans, and the rest of us.  Michelle Obama has her hands in this.  Her assistant wrote some emails to the prosecutor possibly promising her some future in politics if she lets off this scumbag.

So this is how it works–a slap on the wrist for hate crime suspects? Does this mean the parents of the accused in the college admissions sandal will get off too because they are rich and famous?  I wouldn’t be shocked. And his sixteen hours of community service with Jesse Jackson and a 10,000 bond being kept just gives him the double jeopardy claim if they come for him again. They must think we’re all stupid to accept this as a punishment.

Liberals seem to have a different justice system.  A two-tiered justice system. Why do they seem to be getting off lately?  This had shades of O.J., Michael Jackson, and Casey Anthony trials.  Guilty as hell but gets off.  This also had shades of Hillary’s investigation whereby she was guilty as hell but they refused to indict. Conversely, poor Manafort gets seven years for tax evasion; but Smollett, who clearly committed a crime that could have caused mass race riots in the streets, gets no jail time?  That seems fair. :/

This prosecutor needs to be investigated.  She’s on the take. Or it was a tit for tat that Trump was exonerated so they wanted one of their own to be exonerated also. And it happens the very next day?  What a coincidence!  NOT.  How do we even know if this stunt was orchestrated by higher-ups to make MAGA supporters look racist?  We don’t.  But it’s sure starting to look like it.  Another failed coup by the Resist Movement.  In fact, Smollett said in his speech, that his movement will continue. Whatever, lying dude.  We don’t care.

Get this scumbag charged for the fake crime he reported to the police that spent many days looking for the “imaginary” racist suspects.  Make him pay for what he did. If not, we’ll see more of this as we get closer to the election.

These Trump haters are shameless liars. From Kathy Griffin to Johnny Depp to Madonna and Ashley Judd, Midler, Streisand, Alec Baldwin and many others, they all spread hate to their fans, if they have any, and are never held accountable. They spread lies about Trump every day. In fact, my son’s SF friends were convinced that Trump was in bed with Russia and were shocked by Mueller’s conclusion.  Mindlessly following the lying narrative of the left for the last two years, no doubt.  Poor kids.

From now on, it’s full court press.  The Democrats are pissed that Mueller Report didn’t indict Trump, and now they are coming for Trump from all directions.  They have nothing left to hang their hats on.  They will now invent, scheme, and break the law in order to take Trump down again. We need to block them and not let them get away with another attempt at taking down Trump.

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This dropping of all charges stinks to high hell and everyone knows it.


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