Note to Rahm Emanuel: Trump Doesn’t Take Orders From You!

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You have the nerve to admonish Trump when he takes your side?  You are incorrigible!  Just shut your mouth. Just because your buddies Michelle and Barack are behind the dropping of charges of Smollett does not give you license to come after Trump.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  We see what you’re doing.  Got a call from Obama?

Your city is riddled with crime daily and Trump has nothing to do with that.  When one of yours commits a fake hate crime with the intention of implicating Trump supporters, that’s not Trump’s fault.  Trump hasn’t created the hate that’s within all of you.  Hate comes from yourself not from some outside influence.  No one makes you commit a crime.  No one makes you lie.  No one has control of you.  Jealousy is the mother of hate.

Smollett created his own crime and deserves to be punished for it.  Just be happy Trump agrees with you. It’s nice to have people on both sides agree with each other like when we all agreed that the college admissions crimes were outrageous.  Let well enough alone already.  Why create another controversy?  Or are you just Democrat and can never agree with a Republican ever, at all costs?

Don’t ever tell our president what to do.  You are a mere mayor of a crime-ridden city and should keep your mouth shut.  Maybe it’s you who have created a hate-filled environment.  Whenever you point your finger at someone else three fingers are pointing back at you.  Look yourself in the mirror.

With your thinking, maybe that’s why the prosecutor dismissed his charges.  Smollett was so influenced by Trump that he had to commit a crime that punished Trump supporters. Stop talking like this as you are the one influencing your citizens.  You giving Smollett an excuse for his crime has shades of Hillary blaming her loss on everyone but herself.  People need to take responsibility for their own shortcomings. Smollett tripled down on his innocence after getting his charges dropped instead of being contrite.

And we aren’t going to move on now that the Russian hoax is over.  We are stronger than ever and Trump will run on that fact and find all those who are responsible for starting the hoax.  Be careful, you were working for Obama and could be part of the “insurance plan” and maybe left when you saw things going south. Don’t put yourself in the spotlight now.  Feel lucky that you got out just in time.

Shut up and just govern your city. Republicans are in charge now as the Democrats have been exposed.

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