It’s Over, Dems. Time’s up. We’re Calling the Shots Now.

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Trump has just about sewn up the 2020 election with zero collusion and no obstruction.  He is free to run on policy as the veil of uncertainty has been lifted and the Dems have nothing to run on but hate.  We would have won the House if this had been lifted sooner.  Thanks Mueller for dragging your feet.  You knew all along.

Your top candidates are flawed: One who gropes women from behind (Horny Joe), another who eats dirt and makes his wife eat baby poo (Dirt man), another who lies about being a Native American to garner jobs (Pocahontas) , another who smoked pot illegally as a prosecutor (Kamala Cannabis), another who’s a hypocrite when it comes to sexual harassment–she’s against it until it’s one of her employees (Hypokrist) , and finally one who’s a self-proclaimed socialist with little record of accomplishment in the senate (Crazy Bernie)–stale, pale, and male.

The left is still trying to pin Russian collusion on Trump from Stalwell to Schiff to Nadler they are all in denial of the Mueller Report.  If Barr got the summary wrong all the leftist lawyers working for Mueller would be coming forward to set the record straight. But we have heard only crickets.  And some fake news commentators are going after Trump’s weight now.  Body shaming is all they have left.  I guess it’s okay when done to a Republican male. More of their double standard.

The Dems and the left media need to let it go.  You lost that one.  Move on to your next scandal.  You can’t go back to the Russian collusion well.  Maybe wipe the egg off your faces, apologize for being stupid and biased, and come up with some good policies to run on.  And forget the Green New Deal.  That is a loser of a policy and you all know it.  Alexandria’s time’s up. She isn’t the darling of the left any longer.  She’s more of a dumbbell.

Trump wasn’t exonerated, he was never guilty of any crimes.  You have to have done something to be exonerated.  Trump was framed from the get go by the Deep State led by Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Hillary, Lynch, Page, Strzok, and Obama.  Now we will turn the spotlight back on them and see how they like it.  Karma is a bitch.

We will not let them get away with what they did as no future Republican president will ever be safe from their conspiratorial slander again.  It has to stop here and now.  No more. Not again. Ever. Time’s up.

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