The Democrat Party is Imploding.

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Horny Biden is trying to explain away sniffing a woman’s hair or putting his hand on another one’s thigh? Nice try.  When a man does that to a woman it is a “sexual advance.” Once had a boss put his hand on my thigh, way before sexual harassment laws; I jumped and said “no way.”  He cut my hours the next day and I quit.  If anyone sniffed my hair from behind, they’d get slapped.

Biden is “feeling out” these women, not feeling up, but feeling out.  If they responded submissively toward his advance then who knows where it went. How many women did respond submissively?  Where’s his wife in all these accusations or the Obamas?  They are curiously silent. And who swims in the nude in front of female secret service?  An exhibitionist does. If this was Trump’s pattern of behavior, the fake news would be calling him a lecher and asking him to resign.

The New York Times, which is just an arm of the Democrat party, is back to their old tricks again. Still trying to accuse Trump of collusion and obstruction by using unnamed sources on Mueller Team that say Barr’s summary got it wrong.  We don’t believe you.  Never did.  Nice try.

The House is up to no good again–voting to subpoena the full Mueller Report without redactions.  It is nothing more than a political stunt to make the public think Barr is trying to hide something.  Why do they call Barr the Trump’s handpicked AG?  They never called Lynch or Holder the Obama’s handpicked AGs.  Besides, Barr was approved by the senate and was AG during first Bush administration.  Hardly a close friend of Trump.  Another attempt to disqualify Barr’s summary.  Nice try.

Mueller went from the left’s hero to zero in one day.  The left doesn’t know whether to vilify Barr or Mueller.  But they are both on the sh-t list right now. The Democrats are imploding.

The Democrats don’t know whether to embrace the Green New Deal or not.  Some of them have and a few are running from it like Howard Shultz (Mr. Coffee)  who may run as an Independent.  He’s basically an Obama policy liberal but doesn’t want any part of the GND. Sounds like he would take credit for Trump’s economy if he won, just as Obama has.  Nice try, Shultz.

The Dems don’t know whether to support Biden or not.  Some are calling him “just affectionate” and some are running from him.  They are so conflicted that they are giving us whiplash. They are imploding.



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