Devin Nunes Plans to Send Eight Criminal Referrals to the Attorney General This Week…Finally!

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The crimes include conspiracy, lying, and leaking.  Let’s guess who’s on his list: Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Ohr, Brennen, Clapper and who’s the eighth one?  Is it Hillary herself, the buyer of the fake Russian dossier, the liar to congress, the destroyer of subpoenaed evidence, or is it Rosenstein the signer of the FISA court application?

We shall soon know (unless the AG is not able to release the names.)  Nunes says the conspiracy to frame Trump has shades of McCarthyism and Watergate all rolled into one.  Wiretapping the Trump campaign, paying for a phony dossier, spreading it through the senate, media, and the FBI, FBI top cops joining in on it, planting Russians to set up campaign members, leaking government notes to the press, lying to congress under oath, using the media to spread lies of treason and many more. But remember, Obama said, “everything they did was ‘by the book.'”  That must be some weird book they were referring to.  Maybe it was All the President’s Men.  In fact, Page mentioned that movie in one of her texts, so they were well aware of what they were conspiring to do.

The first eight are just the tip of the iceberg.  More will follow when the canaries begin to sing. Members of congress that have been spreading the lies will be named. Participants aren’t going to go down without implicating who they got their orders from. AG Lynch is involved as well as Obama but I can’t see them being named first.

This is the biggest conspiracy in my lifetime, yet the mainstream media hasn’t caught on yet.  Are they stupid or just playing dumb?  Where are the Woodwards and Bernsteins of the newspapers?  Oh that’s right, the newspapers are liberal rags and they bury negative stories about liberals.  Hannity is right--journalism IS dead.

The only investigative reporters are on Hannity’s show.  Hannity and Limbaugh have done their own investigating and have gotten it right from the beginning and deserve an award when this all unfolds. Without them, Nunes’ criminal referrals would be looked upon as ridiculous which most of the uninformed will think. They’ll be scratching their heads again, thinking, where is this coming from? First the Mueller report goes wrong, now this?  I once remarkably got a comment printed after an article in the NYTimes and posters thought it was satire.  They didn’t believe one fact that I wrote.  Clueless readers of the NYT.

A classic smokescreen being put up by the left now to cover for their dirty hands in trying to frame Trump is: “Barr is part of a coverup.”  Wow!  Projection much?  This is what the left does.  They project what they do onto the Republicans. If they say it often enough, the Koolaid drinkers believe it. So sad.  But the public is beginning to see through them.  Fool them once, shame on you; fool them twice, shame on them.

We finally got ourselves a brave Attorney General in William Barr. Hopefully, he’ll have the courage to put the pieces of the puzzle together without the interference of Rosenstein or the Clinton Machine. Soon this nightmare of a conspiracy will be over and those responsible for it will be held accountable.

Not only will there be an election in 2020, but there could be lots of trials going on. So sit back, fasten your seat belts, we’re in for a bumpy show.  And get your Jiffy Pop ready.

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