What is Bernie Sanders Running On?

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Yesterday I saw clips of Bernie’s campaign speech.  He’s out to lunch. It was mainly name calling of President Trump from racist to religious bigot.  Wow!  How does he get away with it?  And the audience actually clapped?  Who’s in his audience, a bunch of idiots?  If he thinks that is the platform that will win him the White House, he is sorely mistaken.

Trump is a best friend to the Jewish community and Israel and condemns all anti-Semitic speech.  A religious bigot wouldn’t have Pence as his VP nor bring back saying Merry Christmas.  He will stand on his record alone. Trump has helped the black community get back to work with no thanks from them based on what’s going on in Chicago with Smollett and Foxx scandal.

Basically Sanders, is out to lunch with his comments.  And Trump is neither sexist or xenophobic either.  Trump has elevated more females into high positions starting when he worked in construction and continuing in his administration.  Sanders better be careful as I heard he pays women working under him less than the men.

Protecting our country from illegal violent migrants is not xenophobic–it is the law and his job as president.  Trump is trying to make our country safe again.  Safe–not invaded by those who do not care for our country and come here with an ulterior motive–to sell drugs, spread disease, sexual trafficking,  and create havoc on our citizens.

Trump can stand on his policies any day over Sanders and his record.  Sanders will not have a chance against Trump.  All Trump has to say is, “We will never be a socialist country!” Exclamation point.

The Democrats have eighteen candidates running against Trump:  Bernie running on Trump being a racist; Kamala running on reparations for slavery and legalization of pot; Beto running on removing existing border walls; Pocahontas running on being a woman who drinks beer like the rest of the peons (formerly of color); Horny Biden (who hasn’t announced yet) running on Obama 2.0 policies; Gillibrand running on abolishing ICE; another running on being gay; Corey Spartacus still running on Russian Collusion (he doesn’t accept Mueller’s report); and recently Stalwell running on lying on camera about everything relating to Trump and gun control.  Other candidates are forgettable. Alec Baldwin said he may run.  I guess just portraying Trump on SNL is enough experience for the job.   Shultz hasn’t decided yet but is mainly an Obama protegé running on getting back into the Iran deal and Paris Climate Accord and turning back tax cuts. Clearly coffee may be deleterious to your health.

The Democrats have nothing to run on.  You can’t run against a great economy with the lowest unemployment and wages rising. It’s the economy stupid.  You can’t run against destroying ISIS and calming North Korea.  You can’t run against low taxes for all and increased manufacturing jobs and companies coming back to America.  You can’t run against America being largest producer of oil in the world and the strongest military.  You can’t run against no Islamic inspired terror attacks on our soil since taking office. You can’t run against reducing the stifling regulations imposed on companies. You can’t run on making health insurance competitive across state lines to lower costs. You can’t run against the VA patients being able to access local hospitals when needed. Promises made and more…KEPT.

So what do they have left?  Racism, sexism, homophobic, xenophobia, and religious bigot with a little Medicare for all thrown in.  Just what Sanders spewed yesterday.  He’s out to lunch.  I just hope it’s a burger. I’m hungry.

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One thought on “What is Bernie Sanders Running On?

  1. Another great article. The Democrats are throwing anything out there to see if the polls jump, they’re on a fishing expedition right now. Comparing them to Trump makes them look sophomoric at best. Trump has the right vision and the courage to implement it. Too bad he’s surrounded with worthless bureaurocrats that are too lazy to do anything.

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