If AG Barr is “Off the Rails,” Pelosi Has Blown Her Stack.

action cold dark dawn
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Pelosi has the nerve to disparage our new Attorney General, Barr, for telling the truth.  She said Barr’s not the attorney general for the United States but is the attorney general for President Trump. Others in her party expressed the same. Comey said he has no idea where this word spying came from.  Give us a break, Comey.  You started it all.  No one believes you.  When you’re in a hole, stop digging.   Go back into the woods with Hillary and get lost.

Was not “Hands up” Holder carrying the water for Obama when he went into Ferguson and sided with violent protesters over the police?  How ’bout Tarmac Lynch?  Who was she working for when she told Comey Hillary’s investigation was “a matter?” These Democrats can’t have it both ways.  Their AG’s were so in the tank for Obama it wasn’t a close comparison.  Lynch was promised a promotion if Hillary won. Who knows what position Holder was promised.

AG Barr showed that he wasn’t going to be pushed around by the democrat politicians. He’s his own man.  Doubt if Trump could push him around either. This feigned outrage every time something goes in Trump’s favor is getting old.  They’ve been exposed for what they are: conspirators who tried to frame Trump.  Just let the chips fall where they will as a new sheriff is in town now investigating the investigators.

These socialist democrats running for president will self-destruct one by one.  Their mouths will be their undoing.  For instance, Bernie’s medicare for all promise will kill his chances.  Just so he knows, medicare isn’t free.  It takes a big chunk out of the social security check and then you have to supplement it with another health plan and drug plan to cover your costs. Seniors will not allow Bernie to take away their health insurance and share their social security with a bunch of freeloaders that didn’t pay into it. Nice try, Bernie.

And when they all fall down, Michelle Obama will try to swoop in to save the day.  Hopefully, by then Barack will have been implicated in the failed coup of Trump and she’ll have no chance of running because she was part of it.  There’s no doubt that Obama wants back in the White House and will do anything to get his policies reinstated even put his wife up. Sort of like when Bill put Hillary up, twice, in order to get back in that oval office. (It worked so well for him the first time.)

Pelosi needs to stop blowing her stack and just pass some immigration bills that will help save America from the invasion. And get her House in order.  It’s a mess right now with the children running the asylum like Omar who dismisses 9-11 terror attack.  If something doesn’t change soon, this could be the beginning of a train wreck for the democrat party.

black train on rail and showing smoke
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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