To the 3 New Women “of Color” in Congress: Walk Softly and Lose the Big Shtick.

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The new women of the House are trying too hard to be noticed when they should feel grateful that they won their campaign for Congress.  Instead they have been stepping all over themselves to be heard resulting in no one listening to them now.  In fact, they are now claiming they’re dismissed because of racial discrimination.  When all else fails, cry racism is the left’s “go to” mantra.

Their shtick of bating Trump with vulgar language, lies, and anti-Semitic remarks is getting them nowhere.  When Pelosi has to apologize for them daily, you know they are losing. They should be kissing the floor of the United States Capitol they are walking on but are spitting on the floor of the Capitol and the Constitution.

When a woman of any color makes it to what used to be an all male career, they need to silently get their bills passed and then be noticed.  Shouting from the halls of justice and causing havoc is not the way to be recognized.  Passing good bills for our country, however, is.  So three new women of congress, and you know who you are, just shut up and give us some good new laws. Maybe start with immigration as we have a crisis on our hands.  And keep your Green New Deal in your head.  That’s a pipe dream and you know it.  More like a marijuana pipe dream. Most like an inconvenient spoof.

Lose the shtick, walk softly, and pass good laws.



One thought on “To the 3 New Women “of Color” in Congress: Walk Softly and Lose the Big Shtick.

  1. I realize AOC isn’t a Muslim, but she supports the other two in anything they say or do. Hence, I have nicknamed them the “Muslim Sisterhood”. Keep up the good work. Keep calling the Dems out for their bad actions.

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