Bernie Admits on National TV That “Medicare for All” Isn’t Free. Oops!

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Martha MacCallum pressed him about the cost of “free” healthcare, and he slipped. He said, healthcare is a right but, of course, it’s not free.  Uh oh!  Messed up on that answer.  He’s not used to FOX News interviewers.  The questions are much more difficult than CNN fluff questions.

And who was the cherry-picked audience?  They cheered and hollered at every word he spoke, like he was saying something relevant.  He admitted that raised taxes would have to pay for it but will be easier because, everyone will be treated. What bothered me more than Bernie’s weird character and silly answers was that the audience was so ignorant. Where did they find them?

What I heard was double talking, evading questions, defiance, blatant lies, and cheap shots at FOX News channel and Trump at every chance he could to gain applause. He talks out of both sides of his mouth and at the same time. He said “insulting Trump won’t win an election” but he couldn’t stop slamming Trump. He claims Trump’s economy was the global economy coming back and ignored the fact that many countries are hurting. He implied it came back under Obama and Trump inherited it.  Another lie spread by the lying left.  He is a shyster with a used car salesman mentality and no one should listen to this nut.  I see right through him. But there’s a sucker born every minute, and he’ll find them.

He admitted that Medicare for All will raise taxes for everyone and raise the deficit even higher, but he’s not concerned.   Reality is: it will take away supplemental health insurance plans for all seniors, work place health plans, and deplete the social security that they paid into for years.  Then he wants to impose a wealth tax on life savings accounts at 52%!  That would take half their retirement money.  He must hate seniors. Socialists will eventually run out of other people’s money starting with seniors.

He also said our country has twelve years left because of climate change.  He’s against nuclear plants altogether.  His ideas are not in the main stream and need to be challenged. I’m sure he drives a Prius when he’s not taking a private jet.  Another hypocritical environmentalist.

Bernie brushed off the immigration crisis question making a stupid comment like we need border security but it has to be smart technology not a wall.  If he’s so smart, why doesn’t he elaborate on that idea?  He won’t, because he has no original ideas.  He’s a lifetime politician; they’re not that smart.

Here’s who’s left to vote for Bernie:  prisoners, illegals, homeless, Hollywood, welfare recipients, drug addicts, criminals, socialists, New York Times readers, Jewish, college kids, and random “low-information” voters. Or any combination of the above.  He actually said he was against the Israel administration.  He’s not a supporter of Israel, just like Obama wasn’t.

It doesn’t look like he’ll be much of a threat to Trump, so I guess we should encourage his run at the Democrat ticket.  Trump will eat crazy Bernie’s lunch. Next!

2 thoughts on “Bernie Admits on National TV That “Medicare for All” Isn’t Free. Oops!

  1. Yep! You have it figured out. Totally crazy old knucklehead. By the way, gonna share my wife’s wisdom with you. Omar was complaining about receiving death threats. My wife wrote back and said no my dear, it was ” just some people saying something”.


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