Mueller Findings: “NO Collusion” Conclusion; Obstruction Absolution. Big Yawn.

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Now that the Mueller Report has been dissected, digested, and regurgitated to death by the media, it’s our turn to put the investigators under the microscope.  If I hear the name Mueller anymore, I think I’ll throw up.  Who do they think he is, God? And why is he hiding? Because he knows the whole report was a sham from the get go. It’s filled with what we already knew combined with irrelevant information about Trump.

Trump has endured slander from the Deep State and their ilk from day one.  The AG and IG need to investigate where and when the frame job originated but it’s out of Trump’s hands now.  He can breathe easily.  He was found innocent of all accusations and is vindicated.  There was never any Russian involvement with Trump campaign.  But not so sure about not one American being involved with Russia.  What about Hillary?  Another attempt to cover for her.

I may be alone in my opinion but think that Russia did not try to meddle in our election favoring Trump or the other side.  I think this is another fabrication by the Deep State trying to save face or justify the reason they went after Trump.  Why would Putin want Trump to be president in the first place when Putin was paying “pay for play” with the Clintons and was due “play” if she won?  That part of the report I don’t believe. It was added by Weissman as something for the Democrats to chew on. Doesn’t make sense; and if it doesn’t make sense, it’s usually wrong. Remember it was Obama caught on the hot mic saying to a Russian, “I’ll have more flexibility once the election is over.  Tee Hee.”  The left is infamous for projecting what they do onto Trump.

Assange swears that the hacked emails did not come from Russia.  Evidence proves it came from the inside with a flash drive.  More evidence that Russia did not hack the DNC.  And why was the FBI told to stand down after the DNC was hacked?  They were supposed to get the computers and do a forensic examination of them.  But nothing happened.  Why was the FBI told to stand down when they went to interview Assange?  All this adds up to a conspiracy to frame Trump.  Nothing more and nothing less. Bottom line:  Nothing in the wikileak emails was untrue.  They were taken word for word from the DNC.  Voters could deduce for themselves what the emails revealed.  They weren’t lies being told.  Trump can’t be blamed for facts that came out against Hillary.  Although they blame him for everything else so why not?

When the Democrats and the liberals finally realize that Trump had nothing to do with Russia and, therefore, had no reason to obstruct, maybe they will apologize.  Not!  One could only hope. They are acting like unruly delinquent kids on a playground. “Impeach Impeach Impeach” is the name of their game, and they won’t stop playing it even though the game is over.  Trump won.

I think this feigned outrage over the Mueller Report is just another smokescreen by the fake news media to cover for the Deep State. Very clever.  The Deep State is using the fake news to get the focus off of them so the people won’t know it was they who orchestrated the sham against Trump. A liberal relative of mine said yesterday that the Mueller report was a fix.  Fixed by whom?  Certainly not Trump. Not by Michael Cohen.  But this is how they think.  He thinks Trump is in cahoots with Mueller now.  Wow!  The gullibility of the left never ceases to amaze. He’s waiting for the full unredacted report to get the full truth on Trump.  And I notice the left has started calling Mueller a “long-time Republican” as they did to Comey, implying that Mueller was on Trump’s side and can’t be trusted now. Republicans have lots of wolves in sheep’s clothing these days, JEB, McCain, Flake, Comey, Kasich, and now Romney.  Can’t trust a one of them.

Big smokescreen.  Don’t fall for it. Romney is part of it. Remember Romney was recruited during the election with a scathing speech to take out Trump. He could be guilty himself as he was a buddy of McCain.  Turn the tables on them all. Examine the investigators and their ilk.

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