It’s Time We Start Ignoring the Left and all Their Lies.

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They are all filled with hot air.  We endured two years of them fabricating lies about Trump, his family, cabinet, and associates.  We endured two years of an unwarranted so-called investigation (witch hunt) costing thirty million tax dollars. We endured two years of them ruining lives and reputations of many fine people who knew Trump.We endured two years of them calling for Trump’s impeachment. They will not stop.  Now they are going after poor Attorney General Barr.

But we can stop reporting on their lies.  The more we repeat them, the more people will think they are true.  Let them subpoena the sh-t out of Trump.  Ignore the subpoenas like the Obama administration did. Claim executive privilege like the Obama Administration did and plead The Fifth like the Obama Administration did (Lois Lerner and Hillary’s tech guy). What’s good for them is good for us ganders.

We deplorables have endured enough from the likes of Maxine, Bernie, Hillary, Michelle, Brennen, Clapper, the bartender, Pocahantos, Betos, Schiff, Flake, Strzok, Comey, Gillibrand, McCabe, Romney, Nadler, Obama, and many more spreading lies about Republicans, Trump supporters, and Trump. We’ve been taking it on the chin for too long. We need to put them in their place legally and shut them up finally.

First the news stations that slandered the Sandman boy are getting sued.  Then the AG report will come out exposing the conspirators who orchestrated the coup d’etat against Trump. Then our new AG will examine everything, assemble some grand juries, and start the indictments and heads rolling.

Remember Samantha Powers unmasked 260 names to be wiretapped and surveilled while secretary of the United Nations under Obama but claims it wasn’t her.  American Thinker says: Why are our supposed human rights activists not horrified?  Why is this not a daily banner headline in every major newspaper in the country?  I could see the MSM attempting to hide this damning evidence of Obama administration malfeasance, but why are the conservative news outlets not clamoring for answers?

Perhaps 2017 just saw too many revelations of government abuse?  But this one does not deserve to be forgotten.  And if we don’t act soon, it will go down the memory hole. Read more:

The more the left cries wolf, the more we should ignore them.  So FOX News stop giving these liars air time.  Stop interviewing the likes of Schiff and Nadler. They are filled with enough hot air of their own.

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