Slow Joe…the Last Horse Out of the Starting Gate. What Will he Run on?

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Based on his announcement video, he’s running on a Charlottesville lie and the soul of our nation. Most rational thinking people understood what Trump meant when he said there are fine people on both sides–some that were for pulling down monuments and some against pulling down monuments.  But Slow Joe claims Trump was saying the KKK were fine people.  Nice try Joe.  You’re better than that.  Spreading a vicious lie only hurts you. Only radicals think that way.  Now that you’ve got the radical, resist folks attention, try getting the socialists.

“In that moment, I knew the threat to this nation was unlike any I had seen in our lifetime,” Biden said, adding: “The core values of this nation — our standing in the world, our very democracy, everything that has made America America — is at stake. That’s why today I’m announcing my candidacy for president of the United States.” WAPO

Seriously Joe, Charlottesville was unlike any threat we have seen in our lifetime?  What about ISIS?  Was that not a threat for the last eight years under Obama?  What about communism?  What about 9-11? I think those were the worst threats in my lifetime.  Maybe you’re living in an alternative world.

Core values of this nation?  Like saying Merry Christmas, like restoring respect for the flag, like protecting the unborn, like restoring self worth by having a job, like freedom of speech which has been attacked by liberals, like the right to bear arms which the liberals are trying to stop? Like freedom of religion where Christians are called Easter Worshipers by your administration, like restoring our military and economy? Where we can call Radical Islamic terrorists what they are and ignore political correctness?  That core value?

Democracy? Like trying to steal an election from Trump?  Like allowing illegals to vote? Like allowing illegals to invade our country?  Like manufacturing jobs which made America and disappeared under Obama? Like stepping on the constitution and ignoring the rule of law?  Like attacking a supreme court justice with false claims?  Like encouraging sanctuary cities? Like treating our law enforcement like racists? That democracy?

Our standing in the world?  Like the daily threat from North Korea?   Like the worst Iran deal ever?  Like the ripoff Paris Accord Deal?  Like tariffs which favor the other countries?  Like Mexico sending their worst to our country?  That standing in the world?

I think Trump can match up to your character and soul any day Biden.  He doesn’t squeeze or sniff women when meeting them.  He doesn’t hook his son up for a sweetheart deal in Ukraine.  And he doesn’t send pallets of cash in the dead of night to Iran for a bribe.  He also doesn’t make gross race-baiting comments to a group of minorities that the Republicans will put you back in chains.  He never called Obama a clean, well-spoken man. That’s a racist comment. And he never colluded with Russia or obstructed anything.

So what’s left for you to run on?  Being Obama’s Vice President during the worst recovery from a recession ever? During the highest unemployment in years?  During the time when the most people were on food stamps and welfare? During the worst racial and political unrest since the 50’s?  During the formation of Black Lives Matter?  During violent protests between police and blacks?  During the Obamacare sham? During the beginning of the caravans coming to America from South America?  During the worst terror attacks on our soil from ISIS?  During Benghazi?  During manufacturing companies leaving the U.S.?  During the time of the most corrupt IRS, FBI,General Services, and VA Dept. in American history. Good luck with that, Joe.

Trump will take you out in the first debate.  He has a good record to run on and a fantastic economy.  How can you argue that?  You can try to take credit for it but most economists will disagree.  You can try to say he was involved with Russia, but most investigators will disagree.  You can try to say he’s a womanizer, but nothing he’s done while in office compares to Bill Clinton while in office or you for that matter.

Good luck sleepy, slow Joe.  Welcome to the race, albeit somewhat late.  Watch your back though, Michelle is gaining on you. That’s the reason Obama can’t bet on you. Don’t lie and say you asked him not to.  Remember you’re trying to run on character and lying out of the starting gate isn’t a good trait.

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