Biden Stumbles Out of the Starting Gate and Bernie Writes His Own Obituary.

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Are these two top candidates working for Trump?  Could they say anything more damning to lose support?  Sleepy and Crazy are looking more like Dopey.  Biden goes on the Democrat-friendly View and hums and haws his way through softball questions.  He doesn’t stick to his guns as he probably has no guts.  Bernie, on the other hand, answers a question in a town hall foolishly then doubles down on it all week long.  It’s almost as though Trump has paid them to run against him, or is something more nefarious going on?  Another insurance plan?

Is Obama paying them to flub their answers whereby they end up losing to a younger socialist then the female heroine rushes in to save the day–Michelle Obama to the rescue.  This is all looking too much like a set up.  Similar to the attempt at stealing Trump’s election.  The Deep State has no scruples.  A few screws loose but no scruples. No one could answer questions so stupidly as these two candidates. Something’s up.

Biden says he was sorry for the way the senate treated Anita Hill but refused to say he was sorry personally.  It was an “I’m sorry/not sorry” explanation. Then he lies about asking Obama not to endorse him.  No one believes that. Bernie says he wants all terrible convicts to be able to vote–murders and terrorists included.  It is their right to vote.  Sort of like the right to have health insurance.  But you lose your rights when you are incarcerated.  And having the right to health insurance is not in the constitution.

Basically these two front runners have nothing to run on but hate or jealousy of Trump.  Yet they say Trump is spreading hate and dividing the country.  Hypocrites. President Trump is defending himself as he’s sometimes all alone in protecting our borders and constitution.  Some Republicans don’t have the courage to back him.  Both candidates call Trump a racist yet they themselves have made in the past numerous racist comments and votes that the fake news does not report.

Yesterday’s shooting was in no way a result of Trump being president.  The Democrats in the House, Congresswoman Omar, have been spewing anti-Semitic remarks and the other members supported her. This fans the flames of Antisemitism.  Trump has asked her to resign for her remarks.  The fake news is trying to rewrite history every time they imply Republicans are white supremacist.  Being conservative does not mean white supremacist. Trump is the biggest supporter of security in schools and houses of worship of all religions. And the shooter is a liberal.

It’s poor upbringing that inspires kids his age to kill.  Either neglect or hateful rhetoric. Who knows what his parents instilled in him.  And why does a nineteen-year-old in San Diego need a rifle unless he’s a cowboy?  His parents need to be interrogated.  Someone in his household allowed him access to a rifle.  They knew what he was up to. But it will probably turn out he has autism and his parents bought him a gun for his birthday.  Heard that outrageous story before. And why does a nursing student want to kill anybody?  It’s an oxymoron or just plain moronic.  In fact, the Democrat parents are likely spewing so much hate in their households, I weep for our future.  Hate begets hate.  Can you imagine the hate Madonna or Ashley Judd’s kids are probably hearing?

I think the Democrats are grasping at straws again.  They’ve got nothing to run on so everything evil that happens in the world will be blamed on President Trump.  Yet they give him no credit for the good economy, jobs, and peace.  It seems the Democrats are still running for the 2016 election not the 2020.  They’ve got to come up with some good policies that Trump hasn’t already put in place.  Have some original ideas already.

Pocahontas has ruined her chances trying to show us how to drink a beer.  Kamala, the pot smoker and cackler, can’t take a position on anything. And Beto, the dirt-eating, table-stander is done. But for now, Biden has stumbled and Bernie has written his own obituary.


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