What do Smollett, the College Cheaters, and Poway Shooter all Have in Common?

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Other than being current in the newspaper, all committed by white collar liberals–an actor, a college student, and many actors, students, coaches, college administrators, and businessmen. All three crimes shocked the nation.  All three were self-professed haters of Trump. All three crimes had no other purpose than arrogance in thinking they would get away with it. All three weren’t crimes of greed.  Two of them were hate crimes and others were just plain stupidity.

Have liberals lost their collective minds lately?  Do they think they can commit crimes without getting punished like Hillary and Comey did? Do they think just because they’re angry that Trump won, they can get away with murder?

Ironically, the liberals spent a year going after someone who didn’t commit a crime (Trump) and wasted 30 million tax dollars investigating it.  And are still going after him.

Angry Biden held a rally today.  It was more a show of his anger towards Trump.  He has no charisma like Trump.  A kid behind him yawned twice.  He’s just not funny.  His cadence, tone, and, frankly, subject matter were boring. He bragged about America having the strongest military in the world (yeah, thanks to Trump).  He bragged about America being the largest producer of energy, (yeah, thanks to Trump).  Then he said he was a Union Man.  So he’s running on being a Union Man that will bring back dignity and the soul of America.  He repeated dignity over and over.

Did America have dignity when our sailors got abducted by Iran and were told to stand down?  Did America have dignity when our ambassador and three other American soldiers got killed by a terror attack in Benghazi?  Did we have dignity when the heads of the FBI planned to steal the election from Trump?  Or when the IRS discriminated against conservative nonprofits?  Or when colleges refused to have conservative speakers on campus?  That dignity? Or when the football players knelt at every game disrespecting the American flag and National Anthem? Or when we traded 140 billion and five Gitmo terrorists for Bergdahl? That dignity Biden’s going to bring back?  Or when he and Obama lied to the American people that we could keep our doctors and our healthcare would go down $2400 a year?  It was a big f–king deal.

Or when we couldn’t say Merry Christmas to a store clerk without getting a cross-eyed look back from them?  Or the dignity of disrespecting veterans and hiding their doctor appointments? Or the dignity of Biden and Hillary running a “pay for play” while holding office?  We’ll cover that later, if he gets past the primary.  Hannity’s got that story waiting in the wings.

Biden lied to the audience today implying preexisting conditions isn’t covered in current law right now.  Then he said he wants to bring back truth over lies. He also lied that Trump’s tax cuts didn’t help the middle class only the rich.  That’s a blatant lie.  The corporations starting hiring again and paychecks went up as less taxes were deducted.  Facts are facts.  Just because he says it, doesn’t make it true. The lies I’ve been hearing are from the Democrats and Fake News media.  They spied, lied, denied, and cried.

Trump brought back the dignity of having a job and supporting oneself, not Biden nor Obama.  And what a sexist remark saying that folks want to take care of their geriatric mothers.  FYI: Men get old too and ill; their children love them too.

But I went off subject.  All the liberals are nuts these days including the ones running for president.  No telling what crime they will commit next that shocks the nation and Trump’s rhetoric gets blamed by the Fake News.  At least they didn’t blame him for the college cheating scandal as it hit Hollywood hard.  But I’m sure they are looking feverishly under every stone for one cheater that voted for Trump.

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2 thoughts on “What do Smollett, the College Cheaters, and Poway Shooter all Have in Common?

  1. All of the Dem candidates are hopeless clowns. But the biggest clown of all is ” Beto “. Every time I watch this guy give a speech he comes across as dumber than the last time. Can you imagine this bozo negotiating with other world leaders. This dumb shit would give away the farm.


  2. I agree. He’s strange and getting stranger by the day. The Dems don’t have a good judge of character. Avenati, Swetnick, Ford, Smollett. They fell for them all. Worried about Buttigeig. He’s Obama-ish and could get the young folks vote.


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