The Democrat Candidates Are Prosperity Deniers.

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We already knew they were deniers of the Presidential election, the Mueller Report, and the border crisis.  But now they are denying the fact that our country is in prosperity.  They figure if they say it often enough the poor sponge-brained folks will believe it and vote Democrat.  The rest of America won’t.

Proofs in the pudding when you look at your paycheck.  Industries all across America are giving job promotions and bonuses, even to Democrats, but they conveniently count their money while they continue to spit vile remarks about Trump.  Most of the candidates are millionaires themselves but will pretend they are middle class folks to get your vote.  One candidate, Gillibrand, wants to give out donation money to get people to the polls.  $600 vouchers to give to the candidate of your choice, but the government will pay for it.  What???!!  Has she lost her mind?  Another candidate wants a living wage check of $1,000 a month sent to every American so they can buy things. These candidates are desperate to be noticed. Thus the insidious display in the Senate yesterday by Kamala, Booker, and Globachar…whatever.

Biden is spewing that the middle class are hurting.  He may be referring to the folks lying in tents in Seattle, Denver, San Francisco, and Portland.  Yes, they appear to be hurting but they chose that way of life.  They love it. They take drugs and accept checks from the government to lie around like lazy seals on the wharf while the job market is booming.  And the local police do nothing because their governors tell them to stand down.  The government is enabling their behavior. If you have a Democrat governor, your state will suffer. They are ruining America with their display of filth. Get a job already!

The Democrat candidates figure if they deny the prosperity that most of America is feeling, that they can carry this rhetoric into the election year.  They will repeat ad nauseam how many folks are living without health insurance, that the middle class is dying, and that the Trump tax cuts only helped the rich until you throw up.  Yet Trump tried to repeal Obamacare and lost by one RINO vote.  With no help from the Dems.

The Dems will try to stop Trump at every turn. They want to impeach him because they know they will lose at the ballot box next year unless they fill the polls with illegals from South America.  North America is soon be become Northern South America (NOSO America) if we don’t do something about it soon.  But the Dems are in denial of the border crisis.  Not really.  They know there’s a crisis as George Soros is funding it.  Where do you think these immigrants get the money and clothes to travel that far?  George Soros wants to ruin America.

The Republicans may be known as climate change deniers, but at least we don’t deny things that we can see with our own eyes–the election was won fair and square, there’s visible proof of a border crisis, there’s no collusion with Russia, and America is in prosperity.  The Democrat candidates purposely have blinders on so they can try to impeach Trump, slander the AG, and lie to the American people.

But America is starting to see the Democrats for who they really are. Their true colors are showing and America is leaving the Democrats, one by one. #walkaway.


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