Spygate’s the New Watergate.

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The more we repeat SPYGATE, the more history will remember this dark stain on our country that the Deep State orchestrated.  The close-minded left will continue to be willfully ignorant unless we force this fact, SPYGATE, down their throats.  It will be like taking cod liver oil for them, but it has to be said.  We endured two years plus of their Russian Hoax, all the while trying to steal an election won fair and square.  They are all guilty of crimes which will be investigated by Attorney General Barr, and that’s why they are trying to take him out now.

Barr realizes now what he is up against, just as Kavanaugh did.  He is bullheaded enough to save America and take on the left. The left had all their hopes on Mueller burying this crime of the century by coming up with crimes on Trump, but all he did was perpetuate the Russian Hoax for two more years so they could win the mid term elections and begin impeachment proceedings. That is their new ace in the hole. Then he passed some murky report onto the DOJ to summarize. Some call it on the level of a law school student’s report. Meant to be evasive, no doubt, as Mueller himself is part of the Insurance Plan.  How many of these characters have their private planes gassed up to leave the country at a moment’s notice?

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All the Democrats and fake news media (which are one and the same) are calling Barr a liar and lapdog for King Trump.  They are slandering him up and down like they did to Kavanaugh.  The reason they are is that they are running scared.  They figure if they destroy the credibility of this AG before he indicts the lot of them, the close-minded public will become outraged.  Thus Hillary’s daily appearance on talk shows still trying to blame Russia on why she lost.  She knows she’s guilty of many crimes including collusion with Ukraine to come up with dirt on Trump.  This is newly acquired evidence.

So you see, all the crimes they tried to pin on Trump, they were committing themselves and projecting onto him.  That’s why she was so smug during her debates with Trump.  She knew all along she had all this corruption going on behind the scenes with the help of the FBI.  Basically she could never win on her own as a woman, she had to bring her husband in (tarmac meeting) to help her.  Pathetic. I wish she would just go away.  And Hillary, you’re not in Trump’s head.  But it looks like he’s in yours. Shut up already and lawyer up.

And Nancy Pelosi saying Barr lied to congress.  Did you see her?  She looks like she’s lost ten pounds and lots of sleep.  She knows her and Schumer are part of the Russian Hoax. She’s worried to death.  Be careful ol’ girl.  Take care of yourself.

The house of cards is beginning to fall.  All they did yesterday was to inflame the ire of AG Barr.  There will be no holding him back now as he knows personally what they did to Trump.  He’ll be like an angry bull. The more they poke at him, the more they’ll get gored. He didn’t back off on the word Spying.  In fact, he doubled down on it.  It was very telling.  He’s not going to let a bunch of corrupt, unaccomplished Democrats push him around.  SPYGATE SPYGATE SPYGATE.  We’ll never forget. Neither will the history books. Don’t poke the bull, you’ll get gored.

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