Brian Williams Smugly Asks, “Have We Got it Wrong the Last Two Years?”

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Brian Williams, who injected himself falsely into stories for years and got fired for it, asks if they got it wrong?  Is he serious?  Yes, Brian you got it wrong!  You are the inventor of fake news.  You and Dan Rather.  You started it.  Now after falsely reporting on a Russian Hoax for two years, you want to double down on it once it was proven fake news?  You have chutzpah and you’re not even Jewish.  An apology to Trump and America is in order, you numskull.  Not that anyone tunes into your show any longer.

And yes, Brian, Hannity had it right for two years.  You need to swallow that pill.  Hannity was right and you and your ilk were wrong despite getting Pulitzer Prizes for reporting on a fake dossier.  When we turn to the word “fake” in the dictionary now, your face and Pocahontas’s appear.  You have no ground to stand on.

How dare you insult Hannity on your show.  He never goes after you after your embarrassing past.   You should feel lucky that someone hired you back, even though it is PMSNBC.  Yes, we have cute names for your station too.  Faux News is getting old and your ilk need to come up with something better.

What’s really going on is you and the other so called news stations are jealous of FOX News.  They have higher ratings and never get it wrong.  They have investigative reporters that actually turn up stories years before you and the New York Times get out of bed.  They should be getting the awards, but alas, awards aren’t given to conservatives. Otherwise Trump would already have gotten the Nobel Economic Prize by now.  Come on Norway, wake up and smell the coffee.  Trump’s a good president, much better than Obama.  Swallow your liberal pride and offer him an award already.  Can’t believe I’m Norwegian sometimes.  What are they thinking?

From what I’m hearing from the desperate, angry, fake news commentators ad nauseam lately is: AG Barr needs to be jailed, people can’t afford a $500 emergency (I wonder if when they were unemployed they could? Hmm), Trump’s trying to be a dictator, Trump won’t accept the results of the next election if he loses (Hmm, sounds more like Hillary).  Basically everything they accuse Trump of was what Hillary and Obama already did.  Everything with them is projection.  Project, project project is the name of their game and the sponge-minded left will soak it up, unfortunately.

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SPYGATE, RUSSIAN HOAX, CROOKED FBI.  Repeat, until it sinks into their sponge brains.


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