Rosenstein Turns on Comey. The Deep State Begins to Squeal Like Pigs.

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Comey already turned on Strzok, Page, and McCabe.  Now he’s turned on Rosenstein. But Rosenstein isn’t taking it sitting down.  He turned back on him.  As in the movie The Simple Plan, the guilty parties (in an attempt to stay out of jail) turned on each other if they thought one was going to squeal. One by one they killed off each other leaving only two to live out their lives in all their guilt.

One by one the members of the Insurance Plan will start naming names and squealing on each other in order to keep themselves out of jail.  Life imitating art.

Who will be the first to be indicted?  I predict Comey and McCabe.  They were the ones taking orders from the top: Lynch, Clinton, Brennan, Clapper, Obama.  Now FOX News skirts around who they were taking their orders from, but we all know who.  What do they think we are, stupid?

Just like when the IRS took orders from the top to discriminate against conservatives and Lois Lerner took the fifth.  She took the fifth so she wouldn’t have to say who she was working for.  Obama said they had gone rogue.   This conspiracy had leadership.  No FBI agent would act on his own like they did.  But in order to mitigate, they will squeal on their leaders, no doubt.  There are many other participants in the conspiracy to hijack the election from Trump: Susan Rice, Valerie Jarred, Samantha Powers, Schiff, Nadler, Biden, McCain, Ohr, Strzok, Page, Steele, Simpson, Nelly and many more including Mueller and his sham of a team.

The pig pen will soon just be “the pen.”

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