Big Little Lies That Democrats Tell

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For years now we have endured lie after lie after lie from Democrat politicians and their media without any apologies when they get caught. Honest Abe is spinning in his grave.  For instance, Harry Reid once swore that Romney hadn’t paid his taxes in ten years.  It was a big little lie. People believed him and Romney lost the election against Obama. Obama told many lies such as you can keep your health plan and your doctor and your premiums will go down by $2400 a year.  The first I heard about this IRS scandal was in the newspaper.  Two big little lies, Obama. Hillary told some whopper little lies like the 33,000 emails she erased were about a wedding and yoga.

Then her and Obama told the biggest little lie on national television that a hateful video incited a group of protesters to kill four Americans in the Benghazi Reality was, it was a planned terror attack which they’ve never apologized to us for nor to the victims’ parents.  Shameful.  Adolf Hitler once said, “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”  Hate to think the Democrats are taking advice from Hitler. 

Current big little lies are being spread by the Democrats that Trump is buddies with Putin and that they conspired to rig our last election and will do it again.  Really?  Did anyone get the results of the Mueller Report?  No collusion with not one American to rig our election.  Not one.  Yet the Democrats are continuing to spread this big little lie including Biden. “A liar begins with making a falsehood appear like truth and ends with making truth itself appear like falsehood,” English poet, William Shenstone.

Biden agreed with a deranged woman in a crowd that Trump was an illegitimate president.  This kind of insidious talk needs to be shut down, and Biden didn’t do it.  If he was a man of character, which he’s not, he would have set the deranged women straight by saying, Trump won the election fair and square, and we intend to win ours the same way.  Biden has no character.  He’s not a stand up guy.  He’s a yes-man for whomever is speaking at the time.  Biden can barely put two sentences together without stammering.  And then his comments are incomprehensible as he talks in circles.  He doesn’t stand a chance in a debate against Trump.  Not a smidgen, as Obama would say.

With his shady dealings in Ukraine and China, Trump will eat his lunch.  Trump has the goods on him already but is holding back.   Biden will pick a woman as his running mate to garner the woman vote, but it’s all for show.  To him, women are just around to be fondled.  Choosing one as a running mate can’t change that.  Proofs in the pudding. And he’d hate to have a woman look smarter than him during a comparison of their debates.  Biden is an old-school, male chauvinist and no amount of women around him can change that.

Adam Schiff told the biggest little lie during the Mueller Probe that he had evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia. Has he apologized for his lie?  No.

Dr.Ford told a huge little lie about Kavanaugh that, to this date, can never be erased at least in the minds of the crazy leftists.  He never attacked her at a party at an unknown location.  He didn’t know the sad girl from the other side of town.

Maxine Waters spreads big little lies daily about Trump.  No one believes a word that comes out of her lying lips. And the media spreads these lies daily with their coordinated talking points like “constitutional crisis” and “manufactured crisis.”

AOC told a big little lie just yesterday that she was kidding about the earth dying in twelve years.  Then tried to put the blame on Republicans for not being able to take a joke.  Really AOC?  You weren’t joking.  What about all the jokes Trump tells at rallies that your side tries to use to impeach him.  Kettle black much, bartender? Maybe you should go back to spinning yarns to your drunken barroom customers not the American People. They’ll believe you.

The Mueller Report was a Big Little Lie from the get-go; therefore, I don’t believe the part where they say Russia hacked the DNC’s emails.  Where’s the proof?  Why haven’t we heard from Julian yet?  Where are they hiding him?  He knows where the emails came from, and he already swore they weren’t from Russia.  So the Mueller Report has some ‘splainin’ to do.  They threw that in as red meat for the left without an ounce of proof. They also tried to insinuate that Trump’s off-the-cuff remark at a rally was a dog whistle to Russia to hack the DNC.  Wrong.  It was already hacked and they know it. More big little lies spread by the Democrats to cripple Trump’s chance for re-election. Just because these lying Democrats say it, doesn’t make it fact.  Fake news.

There was spying on the Trump campaign by the Obama Administration.  SPYGATE.  The FBI was corrupt.  Period.  Hillary paid for the false dossier on Trump. Period.  There is a Deep State embedded in the government, and it’s like pulling weeds to get them all removed. They tried to reverse the results of the last presidential election and still are.  The Democrats and fake news tell big little lies and there’s no denying it.  We just need to call them out more often. Or buy some Roundup.

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2 thoughts on “Big Little Lies That Democrats Tell

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    If the Democrats and anyone else believe the lies that Democrats spew out every day, it only tells you their brains don’t cover common sense and that is our country’s problem. They use the Clinton’s modern math and the educational system’s which dumbed down our kids into idiots and believe what they hear and don’t explore the truth.

    #WALKAWAY would be a good respite for these people especially that women who spouted out at Biden’s lying party that Trump was an illegitimate Prez.



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