“Evidence Obtained From the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree is Inadmissible in Court.”

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This legal doctrine/metaphor means that if a tree (evidence) is poisonous (untrue) any fruit (evidence) obtained from that tree is poisonous too and, therefore, not able to be used (tainted and inadmissible) by the prosecution.

The fabricated, untrue Steele Dossier is the evidence that was used to present to the FISA Court to get a warrant to spy so any evidence found thereafter during the Mueller Probe is tainted and, therefore, inadmissible.  Without the Steele Dossier (paid for by Hillary), there would never have been warrants issued to spy/surveil. How come whenever there is a scandal, Hillary’s got her hands in it? And SPYGATE is much bigger than Watergate.

This also means that Mueller Report was waste of $35 mil and two years.  Mueller knew this, as well as his team.  All working off tainted evidence yet they strung it out for two years so it would hurt Trump during the mid term election. Now the Democrats are trying to extend that hurt into the next presidential election.  All fake outrage. FOX News needs to stop reporting on their outrage as it just fans the flames of their corrupt intention.

The Democrat politicians won’t let go of the Russian Collusion narrative despite the fact that there was none. Not by one American. When they stop all their slandering of AG Barr and Mueller, maybe they can do the jobs they were hired to do.  Write some bills that will get passed or vote on some bills that a Republican authored namely an immigration bill or a healthcare bill.  Just shut up and vote.

Basically all the evidence obtained after the fake dossier is as rotten as an apple that fell from a tree. Rotten fruit from the poisonous tree.

apple tree
Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

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