Act Two Parody: A Day in the Life of Hillary at Home with Bill.

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The scene is Hillary and Bill relaxing in their Chappaqua, NY,  living room reading the newspaper in the afternoon.


Well, Bill it’s five o’clock somewhere.

Hillary cackles as she pours her first glass of Chardonnay for the day.


What do you think about this AG Barr character?  He seems to be stirring up a lot of stuff from the past.  And he’s appointed a topnotch lawyer to investigate. Do you think we’re in jeopardy?


It’s just another vast right-wing conspiracy trying to bring us down. They’re obsessed with us.


But they’ll be digging into my meeting with Lynch, your interview with the FBI, the meeting with Obama after the election, and even the missing emails not to mention the dossier.


I don’t care.  We’re above reproach.  No one can touch us.  They tried with Whitewater, then with Monica, and finally Benghazi.  They failed before and will fail again.  They’re all a bunch of Keystone Cops, if not Barney Fifes.


I’m not so sure.  Trump is out to get revenge for the Insurance Plan, the spying on his campaign, the Steele dossier, and the Russian Probe. We may have gone too far this time, Hillary.  Barr is working for him, and he looks as serious as a heart attack.  I hate to tell you, but I think our jig is up, dear.


Stop being so gloom and doom.  All I need to do is take another fall in public view and the fawning press will come to my rescue.  It will change the news cycle. Not to worry honey.  I’ve got this. I’ve gotten you out of jams before and will do it again.

Hillary fills her wine goblet to the rim again and takes a large chug, some splashing onto her colorful caftan. She cackles as she wipes the wine from her chest with a cloth.


Okay Hill.  If you think so.


Get Stephanopoulos on the phone. I’d like to have him interview me prior to Barr’s findings as a preemptive strike to snuff out any smoldering embers that this Barr dude is stirring up.


Yeah, he’s always got our back.


And he could use a boost in his ratings, for sure.

A Day in the Life of Hillary at Home with Bill.

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