Low-blow, Lyin’ Joe is Out for Blood.

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Biden has taken a page from the Obama playbook:  Take full credit for Trump’s economy and slander him at the same time.  That’s called stealing or plagiarizing in my book (which Biden has been accused of before).

Obama spent eight years ballyhooing about the worst economy since the great depression that he inherited from Bush.  And now Biden is claiming Trump inherited the great economy from Obama?  You’ve got to be kidding!  You can’t have it both ways. You have to be deaf and blind to believe that. (No offense to the deaf or blind.)  And yet his audience clapped and cheered like a bunch of Kool-aid drinking, dunces. Which they are.

Facts are facts.  Obama ruined the economy and job market with his healthcare plan, stiff regulations, green energy plans, and high taxes.  PERIOD.  It was stagnant for eight years with low wages and young adults living in their parents’ basements not able to leave the nest. Companies were fleeing the U.S. to get lower corporate taxes and less regulations.  Companies were firing their employees to avoid the Obamacare rule that they had to provide healthcare if they had over fifty employees.  Reality is, some start up companies can’t afford to provide healthcare to employees until they’re established. Laid off college-educated workers were taking jobs as waiters, Uber drivers, and fry flippers to stay above water or gave up all together.  Factories were closing.  That was Obama’s economy.  Not Bush’s nor Trump’s.

Obama said this economy was the new norm and manufacturing jobs will not come back.  He can’t take that comment back.  He said Trump would need a magic wand to bring manufacturing jobs back.  Well, he got the magic wand by lowering taxes for all, lowering regulations on companies, and reversing just about every ridiculous executive action that Obama put in place like the Climate Change Accord which would have punished gasoline consumers and done nothing for the climate. Obama rewarded green energy startups and punished oil companies and the auto industry by imposing implausible regulations. This alone caused companies to move and lay off employees.

Biden has the gall to repeat the talking points of the lying left media.  But that’s all he has.  He has no new policies or ideas.  Nothing to run on but hate for Trump. Unless he wants to run on jobs is a three letter word. He called Trump the Divider and Chief.  That’s rich when the dividing of America started under Obama with Black Lives Matter, Hands up Don’t Shoot,  and kneeling at football games and Obama did nothing to stop it.  Nothing.  In fact, he encouraged and secretly loved it.  So the left is trying to take credit for the great economy and pin the racial tension onto Trump.  Just because they say it and repeat it frequently, does not make it true.

All the left does is lie, project, and deflect.  That’s all they know how to do.  They have no good ideas. And the lies are mounting but for Biden to be running on these lies is extremely rich.  Wait until Trump has a go at him with his shady dealings in Ukraine and China.  He won’t have a lying leg left to stand on. He’ll stammer, stutter, and finally challenge Trump to a fight behind the gym.  Yes, it’s the Democrats that are violent and make divisive remarks but never get held accountable to them.  And yet they say Trump is mean and bullies others?  Only when they have a go at him.

The Democrats are scrambling as they’re fearful of what AG Barr discovers about them.  Barr thinks the Russian Probe started at the top of the FBI and that sort of investigation and spying should never have been handled by the top.  So it was a rogue operation headed by Obama IMO.  This is why Obama and Michelle looked so peeved at Trump’s inauguration.  They had already put the wily wheels in motion and were keeping their cards close to their vests; but their poker faces gave them away.

The Democrats are going full speed ahead with impeachment talk and tarnishing Barr’s reputation as he’s getting to the crux of what went down and doing the job that should have been done two years ago.  Instead of investigating Trump for a Russian Hoax, the AG should have been investigating Comey, McCabe, Brennen, Clapper, Lynch, Strzok, Page, Ohr, Nelly, Steele, Hillary et al. They’re all afraid, including Biden. Anyone that went along with the Insurance Plan/Russian Hoax, or helped with it, is in jeopardy including many in the media that carried the water. Anyone that was in the “we-did-everything-by-the-book” meeting that Susan Rice wrote about is in jeopardy.

So low-blow, lyin’ Joe.  I’d be keeping my mouth shut right now rather than projecting onto Trump.  It’s you and your administration that had all the scandals.  Yes, your administration was the most scandalous in modern history.  I could list them all, but it’s too long.  Trump’s administration is looking like a kitten compared to yours which is more like a voracious, wily lion out for blood.  (No offense to lions, PETA).

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2 thoughts on “Low-blow, Lyin’ Joe is Out for Blood.

  1. I think Joe Biden is nothing more than the current flavor of the month for the Democrats because they know none of those other bozos and bimbos stand a chance against Trump. Right now Biden is the their only hope. But my prediction is, that the eventual Democrat candidate won’t be from the group you see right now. It will be someone like the Governor of Montana or someone like him. The eventual candidate will be someone much more “mainstream”. Those are my thoughts, we’ll see if I’m right as time goes by. It’s a long time till November ’20.


  2. You’re probably right but we need to knock these bowling pins down as they come up. The more they lie, the more the low-information voters will believe them. Then in comes Michelle or some other beloved moderate Dem, like you say, and the lies will already be baked in the cake.


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