Chris Wallace Played Softball with Mayor Buttigieg.

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I thought I was watching CNN!  What’s the point of going on FOX News if the moderator behaves like CNN?  Pete Buttigieg got such easy questions like “what are you and your husband’s guilty pleasure when watching tv?”  Or “what was the most surprising thing that’s happened to you since running?”  Or “how are you going to handle Trump’s tweets?”  Not one question on how he’d keep the great economy going.  Or how he can win the primary against all his other competitors.

My questions would have been, “Is America ready for a gay president with a husband in the White House?” Or “Who’s going to be our First Lady?”  Or “since you say the job of president is a moral job, how can you level that with the voters?” Or “how can someone that speaks seven languages and attended Harvard never heard of Alfred E. Newman?  No pop culture? Have you heard of Playboy Magazine or Hugh Hefner? Tough questions, but someone has to ask them.

But the worst was when Pete had a go at our Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, and Wallace didn’t come to the defense of his fellow FOX News Hosts.  He also let Pete B. say there was a hostile takeover of the Republican Party by the current president without correcting him. Pete said the conduct, behavior, divisiveness, and corruption of this presidency. And he called Trump a grotesque thing.  He said Trump is against paid family leave which was a lie.  He said Trump is blocking people getting raises.  Another lie. He said we are saber rattling with Venezuela and Iran.  Not really. Typical left wing scare tactics.

Chris Wallace is clearly a Democrat and doesn’t stand up for conservative values. He almost enjoys Trump-bashers and the lies the left are spreading. Where’s Bill Hemmer, Hannity,  Martha, or Brett Baier to set these candidates straight when they lie?  Wallace’s questions were sugarcoated, softball questions with little followup.

When Pete B. said that the country got an unnecessary and unaffordable tax cut, Wallace didn’t have a follow up.  He should have followed up with, but the tax cuts have helped bring back jobs and the economy. When Pete B. said he regretted firing someone by letter instead of in person, Wallace asked why’d you do it?  Pete said he didn’t know.  The followup should have been, “How can you run the country if you’re fearful of firing someone at the city level?”  Missed opportunity Wallace.

Here’s what I learned about Pete:  He’s a fast, smooth-talking, typical liberal-talking-points politician. He wants to raise taxes and have a wealth tax on our savings.   He wants to eliminate the Electoral College and pack the Supreme Court to 15 so he can win.  He hates FOX News hosts, Vice President Pence, John Bolton, pardoning soldiers, conservative values and traditions, conservative women, and Prolife. I think his social justice and LBGT issues would dominate the way he would run the country.  And that’s the last thing we need. NEXT!

And Wallace, you’re just trying to be liked by all so you can get the presidential debate gig.  No more softballs! FOX is known for asking tough questions of all candidates, Republican and Democrat.  Maybe get Hemmer next time or even Jesse Watters.

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