Save Your Prayers for Nadler and Yourself, Pelosi.

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You’re going to need them.  Trump’s doing just fine.  He needs no intervention from his children nor does he need fake sentiment from you. And you don’t need to pray for our country. It’s doing a lot better since Trump took over.  It looks like your side has all the health/mental problems.  You shake and stutter, Biden stammers, and Nadler faints. And you all lie. Why do you think that is?

Maybe because AG Barr is turning the heat onto you and your cronies; it’s getting too hot.  Schiff tweets that Trump is keeping the truth about his obstruction from the public and weaponizing law enforcement against his enemies.  That’s exactly what Hillary, Obama, and the FBI did for two years.  What a coincidence!

And now the media’s buzz words of the week–coverup and getting under his skin.  You don’t think your side has been involved in a coverup since Benghazi? You invented the coverup.

Remember when Hillary and Obama tried to HIDE the fact there was a terror attack that killed four Americans in Benghazi?  They lied to every American that it was the result of a hateful video? I’d call that a coverup.

Remember when Hillary destroyed evidence of 33,000 emails sent from a private server after they were subpoenaed and smashed her cell phones and bleach bit her hard drive?  I call that obstruction and a coverup. A two for.

Remember when the FBI started spying on the Trump campaign?  Or when the IRS discriminated against conservative non-profits?  I’d call that weaponizing law enforcement.  How soon you forget.

So you see, Nancy, it’s your side that has done all these criminal activities, and the spotlight’s on you.  We know using a mirror to deflect what you have done back onto Trump has worked before, but no more.  No more.  We are all on to you and your day of reckoning is coming soon.  And could be why your side is acting like spoiled children that didn’t get what they wanted for Christmas.  Someday maybe even the fake news will see the light and come to their senses.  Probably not.

So save your feigned concern for the president.  Trump didn’t have a temper tantrum, you’re not under his skin or living rent free in his head, and he was never involved in a coverup.  It’s clearly your way of trying to get Trump off his game by your orchestrated attempts to rile him.

Surprisingly, the more you push him, the better he performs for the country. Can you imagine how great America would be if you and your resistance would just let up and let him be? Give it up. You’re starting to look like you’re losing it.

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