Kerry, Obama, Clinton, and Biden Have All Slandered a SITTING POTUS on Foreign Soil Yet…


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They are outraged that Trump takes a question about what Kim Jong Un called Biden?  That’s what the left is upset about?  Trump didn’t purposely go overseas to bash Biden.  Although the former high level American Politicians did go overseas to call our POTUS some vicious names.  And that was dignified behavior? I don’t think so.

I don’t remember any outcry from the press when they bashed Trump which is conduct unbecoming of a former President, Secretary of State, and VP.  You can’t have it both ways.  The left is holding Trump to a different standard. As usual.

Trump knows that Sleepy Biden has been lying about him from the Charlottesville racist accusations to illegal migrants all being called rapists.  And trying to steal Trump’s economy, claiming it was his and Obama’s.  Those blatant lies stick in your craw. Lyin’ Biden has a clever way of spinning everything Trump has ever said to make it sound awful.  He takes things out of context and adds his own spin.  Sniffing Biden has no record to run on aside from hanging on to Obama’s shirttails. Good luck with that.

The left is running scared right now.  Comey is going on a scorched-earth rampage, writing and saying anything he can to divert the attention away from himself yet he puts himself in jeopardy.  I suggest he leave the country with his liberal wife and family.

Mueller has just given a Comey 2.0 statement to the nation. Obviously an attempted redo of the Russian Probe to help his old buddy Comey. In essence he said,  Trump’s guilty of all kinds of things that we can’t name specifically, yet we are unable to indict him as a sitting president.  BS.  Then why waste two years and 35 million tax payers’ dollars if you weren’t planning on indicting?  Complete nonsense. Statement must have been written by Comey. Notice Mueller took no questions.  He’s afraid of what they may ask.

Brennan and Clapper are doing the same–doubling down on lies about Trump in a last ditch effort to spin the story back onto Trump.  They are all conspiring in a “cover your ass” campaign before they themselves are indicted. I’m sick of it.

The public is on to them yet they have no self awareness.  They have been coddled by the MSM for so long that they fail to realize when they are caught, just as Avanati was.  Avanati trying to blame Trump for his arrest is rich.  Avanati and the MSM had a go at Trump and when nothing was found, Avanati was exposed for his unscrupulous practices that he’d been involved in for years. And he was the darling of the left media for months.  Those hosts should all be fired for biased incompetence: Bill Maher, Joy Behar, Maddow, Morning Joe and everyone at CNN.These dubious characters like Comey and Avanati are all getting their comeuppance. And the more the fake news carries their water, the more they all look deranged.

Kamala Harris is all over the board.  She doesn’t know what to be angry about.  One week it’s Abolish ICE, and then it’s women have the right to choose; when all else fails, it’s impeach, impeach, impeach Trump for acting un-presidential on foreign soil. What a load of poppycock.

The candidates have nothing to run on and are wishing Trump gets impeached prior to the election.  Comey enlisted Mueller to yet again add more fuel to the impeachment fire. Without an impeachment, they will undoubtedly lose.  They have no good ideas, no charisma, and no ethics.  Yet they will boast they are running on morals, dignity of the office, restoring the rule of law, and working for the middle class.  It’s all lies.

They just want their power back so they can continue to ruin the country with willy nilly social justice policies from boys using the girls’ locker rooms and playing on their teams to sex changes paid for by the military.  Equality at all costs is the name of their game but we are not all equal.  Women are not men and men are not women.  I know this because men have different traits like misplacing their keys, wallet, and phone constantly.  Women rarely do that. (We carry purses for that sh-t.)

So, fake news media and Democrats (which are one and the same) get off your high horse and start holding your candidates and former officials to the same standard that you hold Trump.  Call them out when they disparage the POTUS on foreign soil or just shut your mouths.

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