Flip-Flop Biden Now Playing the “Cancer” Card for Votes.

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Biden thinks he has the answer to curing cancer now.  He stated that curing cancer will be his number one priority if he becomes president.  I do recall Obama passing that job onto him while he was VP.  Hmmm.  I guess he failed at the job and wants a redo.

President Trump has created and passed the Right to Try law which allows terminal patients to get unwarranted treatments like chemo that hasn’t passed FDA yet.  So far it is helping terminal patients, and now Biden wants to come in and take credit.  Again, the Obama administration trying to take credit for Trump’s accomplishments. Once a plagiarizer always a plagiarizer.

Flip-flop Joe has no new ideas.  He’s washed up.  He’s like that old pair of shoes in your closet that are out of style and worn out, yet you don’t throw them out because they have sentimental value. They bring back memories of when and where you wore them–the prom, your first date, a job interview, or your wedding. Anyone thinking of voting for Biden must feel the same way–sentimental.

Biden brings back times when Obama was in office.  Times when climate change was the biggest threat to our country.  Times when there were anti-cop protesters in the streets daily.  Times of violent protests at colleges with buildings and cars afire.  Times when our 401K accounts remained flat as well as our savings accounts. Times when the football players knelt during the National Anthem. Times when we shouldn’t say Merry Christmas. Times when we apologized to other countries and gave them pallets of cash.  Times when college grads couldn’t find a decent job.

Times when the threat of ISIS and North Korea loomed over us daily.  Times when we went online to apply for a high priced health plan.  Times when we ignored our vets. Times when we told our soldiers to stand down.  Times when we invited illegals to come to our country.  Times when we treated Israel like a rival and Russia like a friend. Times when we targeted conservative speakers at colleges and non-profit companies. Times when solar company startups were failing. Times when companies had to move out of California or the country due to stiff regulations.  Times when the FBI and CIA were weaponized against political opponents.  The good ol’ days.

God, I can see why people will vote for Biden.  The sentiment is overwhelming.  Brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.  Hope you enjoyed this trip down Memory Lane.

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One thought on “Flip-Flop Biden Now Playing the “Cancer” Card for Votes.

  1. Reality check: Biden is a politician. Translated: Biden is a liar. Politicians will tell you anything to get elected, when elected, suffer from extreme amnesia. Trump is the only guy I have seen in my lifetime that took his promises seriously. How the hell has this country lasted this many years, with these useless pieces of garbage inhabiting the halls of government? Imagine what could be accomplished if we had lawmakers that were actually invested in America, and making it better for the people.

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