Chicago Alderman Admits “They Were Trying to Prevent Trump From Success Prior to Election.”

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But he also said, “He’s tired of it.” He wants peace in his city. We’re being hoaxed by these liberal mayors and governors using “crossfire city chaos” across the nation prior to the election. Members of the Deep State are involved in this hoax too or at least cover for them. This is why they condone violence in their cities to prevent Trump from success, but it’s backfiring. Focus groups have voiced their negative opinions on the violence so the Dems are trying to change their strategy to blame the violence on Trump. Nice try. They had a week-long convention to denounce the violence, but not one virtual word was spoken about it. Too little too late, Dems.

Governor Cuomo threatened Trump’s life today by saying Trump is not welcome in New York City without an army to protect him. In the old days when one threatened a president like he and Madonna have, they’d be arrested. These days, not so much. The Democrats get away with murder. Can you even imagine if anyone said this to Obama? The Feds would be swarming in to arrest that person. Governor Cuomo is a failure in his state for allowing infected patients to reenter their nursing home rather than be isolated in the many facilities that Trump gave him. He’s trying to blame Trump, but it ain’t sticking. He is an Italian mobster. At least this Chicago Alderman is able to admit their shenanigans. Cuomo and his little macho misogynist brother on CNN won’t admit diddlysquat.

Biden is giving one of his word salad speeches and is breathing so hard behind his mask. Sounds like he’s about to faint. He’s gasping for air but too stupid to take off his mask. He even asks if he’s violating social distancing while alone on stage. Apparently only white guys can afford a lawyer, Biden implied. That’s a racist comment. He just cut down our Department of Justice saying they aren’t good for much. He wants minimum wage raised to $15 an hour. That will hurt small businesses and apprentice-type jobs, but since he’s never been an employer or ran or built anything, he knows nothing of what he speaks. Build Back Better is just Build Back Biden.

You need to have background experience in real life to be a good president not a lifetime bureaucrat. I just hope the people can see through Biden. He’s not what he’s trying to present himself as. He’s trying desperately to thread the needle between a radical and a moderate and it’s pretty hard to do. You can’t please both sides of your party. Pick one!

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Conversely, what you see with Trump is he’s been the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan. He doesn’t flip flop. Promises made, promises kept, and then some. This is why we are Better Off with Trump. We know what we’re getting. He’s a sure thing.



Buttigieg and Klobuchar Caved to Democrat Establishment Pressure…


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and they wanted to run the country?  Both are chickens. What they did the day before Super Tuesday was cowardice.   Not only did they both backout but both endorsed Biden!  Biden, the guy Klobuchar was making fun of during the previous debate, wants him to run the country?  I think not.  And Buttigieg, a walking Scrabble Dictionary, wants a guy that struggles to get out the right word to run the country?  I know not. Have your kids listen to the phonogra, record player…um, the know the thing at night.  That guy?

These politicians have no shame or integrity.  If they thought they were “the one” to run the country, they wouldn’t have backed out in this manner.  They would have stayed in through Super Tuesday to get the results, then graciously ended their campaign admitting defeat.  But no.  They did it the day before as part of a conspiracy to oust Bernie.

Rumor has it that Obama called them individually and asked them to “get out.” The B&B Party.  Party of blackmail and bribery in full force.  They folded like a cheap suit; both showing us their true colors: yellow.  Can you imagine if one of them had won the presidency and a leader of a state bribed or intimidated them?  We’d all be in trouble.

Now the public is left between Bernie, the socialist, and Biden, the socially inept, to choose from.  If the Democrat Establishment thinks they’re going to push Biden on America, they have another thing coming.  We see through them.  Obama, the puppet master, is up to no good again.  He had all the Deep State endorse Biden.  Hmm.  I wonder why, as they are all under investigation themselves. He’s also got Kamala Harris endorsing Biden, and we all know she thinks Biden’s a racist.  Must have promised her the Attorney General position. This is getting ridiculous if they think they can pull this off.  They must think Americans are stupid.

Next, we’ll be hearing from Booker, Steyer, Gillibrand, and Castro, all circling the wagons around their very diverse candidate, Biden. I doubt if they will get to Yang or Gabbard as they seem to have more integrity. But nothing would surprise me any longer.

No one knows for sure what their game plan is, but it won’t be We the People picking the Democrat candidate nor the vice president.  It will be Obama and his closest confidants (partners in crime).  Then once Biden is chosen, they will shelter him from public speaking like they did with Hillary–keep him from holding rallies where he’ll say something bizarre. Ol’ Corn pop and legs with standing blond hairs may make an appearance once again. Or that woman who takes her clothes off in public and the man who has no right to touch her.

Stay tuned for what they’ll pull next. They’re not to be trusted.  This isn’t the No Malarkey Tour any longer. It’s the Shenanigan Tour because that’s what they’re up to.

Finally, Klobuchar and Buttigieg should be ashamed of themselves for caving like they did. They must have been bribed something real sweet like Chief of Staff or Director of Diversity Sensitivity.  And we all know Warren will be promised Secretary of Education if she endorses Biden.


Biden Claims He’s “Clean as a Whistle” Just as Obama Claimed…

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the IRS having “not even a smidgen of corruption” in the targeting of conservative groups.

“There were some boneheaded decisions,” Obama said. “Not even mass corruption. Not even a smidgen of corruption.” The Hill

Biden claims that after all the investigations of his son and his involvement in Ukraine, they came out clean as a whistle.  Except for one thing: Biden hasn’t had an investigation. He put a stop to it.  Just because he says he has, does not make it true.  Joe had the prosecutor in Ukraine fired.  The proof is in Ukraine, and we’ll get to the bottom of it at some point in his campaign. For him to dismiss it daily does not make it go away.  His whistle is not clean.  In fact, it is dripping in corruption just as Obama’s IRS was.  Remember Lois Lerner taking The Fifth?

Biden is a cover up artist. For him to lie in a soft tone to his audience doesn’t make his lies more believable.  Biden and his son were in cahoots selling access to the Obama Administration to the highest bidder while he held the position of VP and Obama was well aware of it.  Obama chose him as VP because Joe was even more shady than himself and would take some of the spotlight off of him while he got away with all that he did.  That’s what Democrat Presidents do.  They choose a VP that is more corrupt than they are to take some of the heat off of themselves. “Don’t look at me, look at him” is their mantra.  That’s why Obama is still teflon.

Obama has done no favors for Biden during his campaign, yet Biden is promising to nominate Obama for the Supreme Court?!  Just what we need a radical activist in the Supreme Court legislating from the bench.  Biden was probably just trying to garner Obama’s endorsement.  We thought he didn’t want it; but now that he’s desperate, he wants it. Make up your mind Biden.  You’re giving us whiplash.

Biden can’t stick to any positions because he doesn’t have any positions or scruples to stick to.  He flip flops more than John Kerry used to. He brags that he can bring back the soul of America. It’s surviving quite well under the Trump Administration; in fact, it’s getting better. It’s the Democrats acting like soulless swamp dwellers.  Biden has nothing to offer the voters but more lies and cover ups.  He should quit the campaign before he embarrasses himself anymore. Everyone is mocking him, although the fake non-news media covers for all his gaffes like they did for Obama and Hillary.  Give it up Biden.

When asked why he wouldn’t want to honor a subpoena he answers because it’s about Trump not me. I have nothing to offer in the way of Trump’s defense for what he did.  But what Biden leaves out is that Trump was getting impeached for abuse of power for asking Ukraine to check into the Bidens.  So obviously the Bidens have a lot to offer in the way of Trump’s defense especially if they tell the truth underoath.  Heaven forbid they’d want to tell the truth about themselves so thus the defiant attitude.

Since the whole Mueller Probe was based on evidence obtained illegally through the illegal spying of the Trump Campaign after the fake Steele Dossier was used to obtain the FISA Warrant to spy, it is the definition of fruit obtained from the poisonous tree and Articles of Impeachment should be thrown out of court.  The Mueller Probe launched the Ukraine hoax which launched the Articles of Impeachment.  All should be thrown out of the Senate.  The FISA Court was in cahoots as one judge is friends with Strzok and remained suspiciously silent throughout the whole Mueller Probe. Once it was known that the Steele Dossier was fabricated, the FISA Court should have came forward and ended the Mueller Probe. But they are all part of the D.C. Swamp and cover for each other.

Bye bye Biden.  Go retire with your “nice” family and save yourself from scandal.  Get your son Hunter some help with his addictions. Biden may use the idiom that he’s clean as a whistle but it’s more like where there’s smoke there’s fire.  He was just trying to take a page from the Obama playbook: not a smidgeon and clean as a whistle have an authoritative implication to them.

“where there’s smoke there’s fire—used to say that if people are saying that someone has done something wrong there is usually a good reason for what they are saying.” Merriam Webster

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Buzz Phrase of the Hearing: “The President Put Himself Before Country.”

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This phrase must have been chosen and practiced by the members over the weekend as it was repeated ad nauseum by Nadler et al on the judicial committee today.  It seems it’s their new line of impeachment. Something vague, all encompassing, and nebulous to confuse the viewers. But I see through them.  They are intending to be vague because they do not have one witness that presented direct evidence–just presumptions and hearsay. Another buzz word they are all using today is “Scheme.”  Trump’s scheme to enlist the help of a foreign country to assist him in his reelection.  What a stretch that is. This whole thing is a sham!   I wish Lindsey Graham was here to call the lot of them out as it’s very similar to what they tried on Kavanaugh.

Every witness they have put up has been an anti-Trump activist and not been fact witnesses. The only thing missing was their pink knit hats. In fact, there’s a picture of Karlan wearing one at the Women’s March.  So that says it all. This is an orchestrated attack on our president, and they’re trying to cram this impeachment down our throats like cod liver oil.

I feel violated that they would try to overturn an election won fair and square. In fact, Nadler said if the Senate votes not to impeach, they may just remove him from office anyway. What are they going to do send in the Resist Movement and arrest him?  This is getting scary.  They’ve never accepted Trump’s victory and have been trying to set him up every since.  We all know the efforts that they have gone to thus far. No sense repeating them.

How in the world can they accuse Trump of bribery when it was Joe Biden that held back aid to Ukraine and admits it on camera?  Joe is the thug, the gangster, the shakedown artist, the one who put himself and his son before his country.  Trump did none of this. He wanted to look into the 2016 Ukraine interference in our election which is well documented and also wanted to check into corruption during the previous administration which Joe was part of. PERIOD.  This has nothing to do with the 2020 election as no one is above the law, not even a former VP.

There is no direct evidence of any crime being committed like in Bill Clinton’s and Nixon’s impeachment. Lying under oath and destroying evidence is direct evidence of a crime. So is breaking and entering.  Zelinsky says he was not pressured to do anything for Trump. The Democrats are leaving out all the exculpatory evidence during this hearing as it doesn’t fit their narrative.  They only cherry pick negative inference and hearsay evidence presented by biased witnesses. This is a set up from the get go.  The whole hearing is a sham.

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They won’t allow the so-called biased whistleblower to even appear which is outrageous.  Their lawyer today says “the debunked conspiracy theory of Ukraine interfering in our 2016 election.”  Notice how he says “debunked.”  Debunked by whom? Debunked by the mainstream media daily but not by the direct evidence that they won’t allow the Republicans to present or any witnesses either. He’s lying. This whole hearing is a sham.

It’s clear to me that the Democrats are circling the wagons around Biden. I guess he’s their frontrunner, and they have to protect him like they did Hillary.  It’s all very reminiscent of the fixed Comey investigation into Hillary. The fix was in from the start and the fix is in again for Joe Biden.  I can’t believe history is repeating itself and so soon. They know they have a bunch of loser candidates that can’t compete with Trump so they’re trying to cripple Trump before the general election. But what they don’t know is this will only add strength to Trump’s campaign for reelection and encourage more voters to come out in support of him.

These lawyers against Trump are all liars.  They have cherry picked comments taken out of context and presented facts not in evidence like the dude who said he overheard a cell phone conversation. He was even debunked by Sondland. So this is not evidence; it’s presumption. This whole hearing is a sham. The Democrats are watering down the meaning of impeachment.  There has to be a clear crime committed to make it bipartisan.  Both sides know a crime when they see it, but the “president putting himself before country” is too vague and also just their opinion. He put our country before another country. There is also vague references to Article 2 taken out of context when he was referring to firing Comey and more vague references to Trump wanting to be a king.  That’s silly and was started by that idiot Karlan who should be fired from Stanford.

No one has put himself before country or is involved in a scheme other than the Democrats in this sham of a hearing. They should all be ashamed of themselves. Schiff is so ashamed, he can’t show his face.  I guess the Gutfeld Show’s impersonation of him has forced him out of the limelight. “I see guilty people,” Schiff’s impersonator says. Hilarious!


The Candidates Are Sounding Nuts.

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Cory Booker says he has the urge to punch Trump in the face, Biden has challenged Trump to push ups, Buttigeig says Trump is our first racist president, Gillibrand says she’ll clean the oval office with clorox on her first day as president getting laughs from a crowd, and De Blasio says Trump will not be welcome in New York after he leaves office.  These candidates say that Trump is spreading hate? Sounds more like they are filled with it.  They all sound certifiably nuts.

Maybe Gillibrand forgot she supported Bill Clinton after his scandal of daily indiscretions under his desk with Monica in the oval office.  Maybe Gilli is a feminist who thinks all men are the same.  Or she’s just another hypocrite. Surely if Trump had a fling in the oval office, the world would have a heard about it by now.  Nice try Interrupting-18-times-Kirsten.  Shut your mouth Kirsten!

Booker should be investigated by the FBI like any citizen that threatens the President of the United States as no one is above the law, right? And Biden, although he’s in first place, won’t be for long.  Push ups really aren’t a criteria for president. Biden was just Obama’s lap dog while he was VP.  And his debating skills are up there with Mueller’s.

Boot-edge-edge is despicably calling Trump a racist trying to garner the Black vote, no doubt.  He also thinks Trump is against gays for some reason whereas it was Obama that didn’t approve of gay marriage when he first came into office.  Notice how Boot-edge-edge ignores Obama’s past position but slams Trump for no reason. He may be able to speak five languages, but his mother should have put soap in his mouth when calling someone ugly, untrue names. I can’t believe a mayor of any town would speak this way of the president.

And finally lazy De Blasio who has ruined New York City since being mayor has no ground to stand on. He allows his police to get drenched by gangs.  The sooner he resigns or gets voted out the better.  Him running for president is a joke.


With all these nuts running around shooting their mouths, don’t be surprised when the time is optimum for Obama to push his wife Michelle into the game. Obama wants back in the White House so bad he can taste it.  He still lives in D.C. so he can keep an eye on Trump. He wants to impeach Trump and slip in his wife to run against a damaged Trump or Pence.  This has been his plan all along.  He didn’t endorse Biden. He wants to do all this before A.G. Barr exposes him for who he really is.  His house of cards is about to crumble, and he needs to do something quick. We all know who was pulling the strings behind the Russia Hoax despite how FOX News skirts around the issue. When the cards fall, he’ll be at the top. The buck stops there.

Let’s not let these nuts do any more damage to our country. Let’s never forget what they tried to do.  Support Trump. Look at his feats, not his tweets. And call out those who disparage him.

It’s the economy, stupid!

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#Muellersham #Russiahoax #witchhunt #4moreyears


Flip-Flop Biden Now Playing the “Cancer” Card for Votes.

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Biden thinks he has the answer to curing cancer now.  He stated that curing cancer will be his number one priority if he becomes president.  I do recall Obama passing that job onto him while he was VP.  Hmmm.  I guess he failed at the job and wants a redo.

President Trump has created and passed the Right to Try law which allows terminal patients to get unwarranted treatments like chemo that hasn’t passed FDA yet.  So far it is helping terminal patients, and now Biden wants to come in and take credit.  Again, the Obama administration trying to take credit for Trump’s accomplishments. Once a plagiarizer always a plagiarizer.

Flip-flop Joe has no new ideas.  He’s washed up.  He’s like that old pair of shoes in your closet that are out of style and worn out, yet you don’t throw them out because they have sentimental value. They bring back memories of when and where you wore them–the prom, your first date, a job interview, or your wedding. Anyone thinking of voting for Biden must feel the same way–sentimental.

Biden brings back times when Obama was in office.  Times when climate change was the biggest threat to our country.  Times when there were anti-cop protesters in the streets daily.  Times of violent protests at colleges with buildings and cars afire.  Times when our 401K accounts remained flat as well as our savings accounts. Times when the football players knelt during the National Anthem. Times when we shouldn’t say Merry Christmas. Times when we apologized to other countries and gave them pallets of cash.  Times when college grads couldn’t find a decent job.

Times when the threat of ISIS and North Korea loomed over us daily.  Times when we went online to apply for a high priced health plan.  Times when we ignored our vets. Times when we told our soldiers to stand down.  Times when we invited illegals to come to our country.  Times when we treated Israel like a rival and Russia like a friend. Times when we targeted conservative speakers at colleges and non-profit companies. Times when solar company startups were failing. Times when companies had to move out of California or the country due to stiff regulations.  Times when the FBI and CIA were weaponized against political opponents.  The good ol’ days.

God, I can see why people will vote for Biden.  The sentiment is overwhelming.  Brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.  Hope you enjoyed this trip down Memory Lane.

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