Buttigieg and Klobuchar Caved to Democrat Establishment Pressure…


two chicken inside cage
Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

and they wanted to run the country?  Both are chickens. What they did the day before Super Tuesday was cowardice.   Not only did they both backout but both endorsed Biden!  Biden, the guy Klobuchar was making fun of during the previous debate, wants him to run the country?  I think not.  And Buttigieg, a walking Scrabble Dictionary, wants a guy that struggles to get out the right word to run the country?  I know not. Have your kids listen to the phonogra, record player…um, the radi..you know the thing at night.  That guy?

These politicians have no shame or integrity.  If they thought they were “the one” to run the country, they wouldn’t have backed out in this manner.  They would have stayed in through Super Tuesday to get the results, then graciously ended their campaign admitting defeat.  But no.  They did it the day before as part of a conspiracy to oust Bernie.

Rumor has it that Obama called them individually and asked them to “get out.” The B&B Party.  Party of blackmail and bribery in full force.  They folded like a cheap suit; both showing us their true colors: yellow.  Can you imagine if one of them had won the presidency and a leader of a state bribed or intimidated them?  We’d all be in trouble.

Now the public is left between Bernie, the socialist, and Biden, the socially inept, to choose from.  If the Democrat Establishment thinks they’re going to push Biden on America, they have another thing coming.  We see through them.  Obama, the puppet master, is up to no good again.  He had all the Deep State endorse Biden.  Hmm.  I wonder why, as they are all under investigation themselves. He’s also got Kamala Harris endorsing Biden, and we all know she thinks Biden’s a racist.  Must have promised her the Attorney General position. This is getting ridiculous if they think they can pull this off.  They must think Americans are stupid.

Next, we’ll be hearing from Booker, Steyer, Gillibrand, and Castro, all circling the wagons around their very diverse candidate, Biden. I doubt if they will get to Yang or Gabbard as they seem to have more integrity. But nothing would surprise me any longer.

No one knows for sure what their game plan is, but it won’t be We the People picking the Democrat candidate nor the vice president.  It will be Obama and his closest confidants (partners in crime).  Then once Biden is chosen, they will shelter him from public speaking like they did with Hillary–keep him from holding rallies where he’ll say something bizarre. Ol’ Corn pop and legs with standing blond hairs may make an appearance once again. Or that woman who takes her clothes off in public and the man who has no right to touch her.

Stay tuned for what they’ll pull next. They’re not to be trusted.  This isn’t the No Malarkey Tour any longer. It’s the Shenanigan Tour because that’s what they’re up to.

Finally, Klobuchar and Buttigieg should be ashamed of themselves for caving like they did. They must have been bribed something real sweet like Chief of Staff or Director of Diversity Sensitivity.  And we all know Warren will be promised Secretary of Education if she endorses Biden.



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