We Must Use Common Sense to Stop the Spread of Coronavirus.

white cruise ship
Photo by Matthew Barra on Pexels.com

Companies and citizens need to change their way of working and living for a while to stop the spread of Coronavirus.  Things we normally do daily may not be advisable right now.  Cases are popping up in cities unexpectedly for no known reason now.  It’s not just those coming back from overseas trips or cruises.  It’s someone having contact with someone having contact with someone having contact with someone who came from overseas who contracted the virus.

Some people may have it unbeknownst to them and are spreading it to their family, friends, and strangers.  If you come down with a cold, stay home until it’s gone.  If you come down with the flu, stay home until it’s gone.  If you feel like you’re getting pneumonia, call your doctor for advice.  Don’t walk into a health clinic or ER and expose thirty patients in the waiting room. This is how it’s spread.

If you have a scheduled dental or doctor physical, postpone it until after the scare is over. Don’t expose yourself unnecessarily to others’ germs.  If you have tickets to a concert, movie, convention, cruise, any large gathering, postpone it. If you go to a public gym, avoid it for now. Try hiking or just a walk in your neighborhood. Even your church could have someone there with the virus.  No handshaking, hugs, or waver eating for a while. Pray in the privacy of your home.  Keep within six feet of strangers when in public. (No need to carry a measuring tape.) Avoid taking selfies or asking a stranger to hold your cell phone for a picture.  Really dumb right now.

All kidding aside, don’t do something that could result in many people getting exposed for the sake of being polite or not hurting someone’s feelings.  We all know people with a laissez-faire attitude that won’t make any changes or take advice during this outbreak.  These people are the spreaders. Conversely, we also know masked people who are panicking and clearing the shelves of Costco for God knows what.  Just remain calm, avoid crowds,  have food for a couple of weeks, and be weary of germs on surfaces outside your home.  Wash your hands whenever coming in the house from a store. Don’t touch your face until you do.

Wear disposable rubber gloves when gassing up your car then dispose of them.  Wear rubber gloves when handling currency then dispose of them.  Avoid fast food or store prepared food that is touched by strangers.  If you’re lucky enough to be able to work from home for a while, arrange it with your employer.  The less people out and about the safer we will all be.  Unfortunately, rest homes are some of the most vulnerable places to be.  They should be testing frequently and wearing masks.  Plane flights should be avoided if not necessary.  Vacations should be postponed.  Drive within the United States for a trip if you must.  When staying at hotels and motels clean the surfaces of furniture and tv remotes with sanitary wipes. Check on your elderly family member or neighbor that lives alone.

Don’t go to casinos for a while as the machines are loaded with germs. Avoid eating out for a while as you do not know who is preparing your food and sneezing on it.  If you work in the food industry and feel sick, please stay home for the sake of the consumer. Don’t wear a mask in public unless you are sick or at the airport.  Avoid busses, trains, ferries, subways, even cabs.  Try walking or driving your car and paying for parking.

Yes, some businesses will suffer temporarily until this virus is contained.  But it is a crisis and is to be expected.  We must be vigilant to stay healthy.  Seniors are the most vulnerable and should follow these tips.   Although more citizens may die per year from the flu or pneumonia, at least they had the option for a flu or pneumonia shot.  We’ve got nothing but our own common sense to rely on.  Use it.  This too shall pass in about a month’s time. Bear with it but be vigilant in the meantime.

Don’t play the blame game.  China started it, no one in the U.S. did.  Don’t blame your government as they’ve been on top of it from the get go and are doing the best they can. Avoid the hyping by the media as they love spreading fear.  If we take care of ourselves, there should be no fear.  Just be smart, use common sense, and listen to advice from friends and family.   There will be some silver linings from this virus outbreak, but they may not be apparent right now.  Don’t look at your stock portfolio for a while either. :>/


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