Warning to Vegans and Vegetarians When They Become Septuagenarians.


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I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist, but I suspect the fad of vegan and vegetarian may be harmful to your health when you reach age 70 and above.  Doctors love it when a patient says they’re a vegan or vegetarian.  They say it will make them live longer and prevent heart disease. Wonderful! But I have always thought that God didn’t put cows, chickens, sheep, and fish on this earth just to graze the fields and swim in the rivers.  They were put on this earth to be eaten by humans for some reason: protein.

Now some humans these days claim they have given up meat and dairy due to cruelty to animals.  How nice. That’s a nice gesture but let’s get real. Fruits and plants are alive too.  Are you being cruel when you pick an orange from a tree?  That’ll be next.  Animals and plants were put on this earth to provide us humans with food to sustain us. Period.  There’s no cruelty.

But seriously, I’m finding from personal accounts that longtime vegetarians are experiencing osteoporosis (thinning of bones) throughout their body beginning in their teeth.  Bone loss in your jaw causes teeth to loosen. There’s also the fear of one’s hip breaking from a minor fall, and they are also experiencing premature hair thinning. If vegetarians are going through this health issue in their 70s can you imagine when vegans reach the same age?  Wigs, false teeth, and casts will be all the rage.

The millennials and GenZ of today that have jumped on the vegan train should reconsider, IMO.  We all know them.  We all have them in our families and just go along with it while rolling our eyes.  They claim they get plenty of protein from other sources. Maybe it’s time to give them some sound advice. They seem to care a lot about the climate thirty years from now. What about their hair, teeth, and bones thirty years from now?  Do they want to be dealing with tooth and hair loss before their time?  I think not.  And I think doctors should start advising their patients that it’s not that healthy in the long run to be a vegetarian and especially a vegan. Become a moderatarian: One that eats everything in moderation.  Pass it on.

So have a glass a real milk not phony soy milk and start eating meat again.  Chewing meat also helps maintain healthy teeth and jaw bone.  There’s not a lot of chewing in the vegan diet.  Now I could be wrong, but I have come to this conclusion from otherwise healthy people I know that are slim and fit that are going through this.  Someone needs to warn young folks before it’s too late for them.  And we can’t trust the doctors or dentists to let them know.  All they care about these days is checking your blood pressure. What’s the point of a low blood pressure if your teeth and hair are falling out? Maybe the veggie burger should have a FDA warning label on it saying “May be hazardous to your long term health.” Then consumers will think twice about their choices.

MILK DOES A BODY GOOD!  An old saying that rings true even today.

Image result for vintage milk ads

Maybe they were onto something in the 1940’s.


2 thoughts on “Warning to Vegans and Vegetarians When They Become Septuagenarians.

  1. The Mormons say ( I used to be one ) that when an animal is taken for human consumption, it has filled the measure of it’s creation. You can’t say it any better than that. Great article. BTW, I have an ex son-in-law that is in this sixties and has gone vegan, quite bluntly, he looks like he’s one step from the grave.

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