Is MacCallum Going “Megyn-Kelly” On Us?


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Martha MacCallum used to be so sweet when she was on America’s Newsroom, but has her show gone to her head like it did Megyn Kelly?  Is she looking to be hired by NBC?  I know FOX is known for being “fair and balanced” but her questions are laced with misinformation when it comes to interviewing Republicans and then plays softball when interviewing liberals.  How is that fair?  I usually don’t watch her show, The Story, but yesterday when she had the president in a town hall with Bret Baier, I had to tune in.

Trump’s first question came from a transgender student trying to be a guy which even threw me off.  Or was it a guy trying to be a woman?  His/her voice was deep, wore lipstick, hair cut like a boy, flat chested but her name was Katherine.  I’m confused.  I think this person was meant to throw off Trump into saying something inappropriate to her but Trump didn’t take the bait. I sure would have asked something as I’m not that PC.

She/he asked Trump a leading question implying that his administration has handled the coronavirus in a confusing or minimizing manner.  Then Baier had a follow up question implying that Trump wasn’t prepared with the testing kits “since day one in office.”  MacCallum came at him afterwards implying that the economy would tank due to the coronavirus and it would affect his reelection.  They kept at him asking for his long term plan for coronavirus. Talk about spreading fear.

Then Baier tried to compare what Chuck Schumer has said to our Supreme Court Justices to what Trump has tweeted about a Justice that named him in one of her decisions.  No comparison, but they both tried to make it seem there was.  They know better than this. Why is FOX News trying to bring down Trump?  This went on throughout the interview where they both asked questions laced with fake news talking points.

Martha tried to imply that Trump wants to eliminate “pre-existing conditions” from healthcare.  Not true.  Not a nice question, Martha.  She knows if the Republicans had kept control of the House, we would have had a new healthcare bill approved long ago. Bret brought up the National Debt asking why he hadn’t paid it off yet?  Are you kidding me, Bret?  He asked if he cared about it.  Of course, he does.  What do they think all these new tariffs are about? It’s called leveling the playing field.  Sometimes I wonder if these news people are even listening to their own news? And they know Obama ran it up tenfold to Trump.

Then they brought up North Korea and what he was going to do about it.  Not one question relating to positive things Trump has done on the economy and job market. They premised the question that ever since Trump took office, North Korea has been in the news!  Are they kidding?  North Korea was a big threat when Obama was president having people fleeing in Hawaii after a false claim of a missile being shot. Trump got rid of the threat. I swear these questions were prescreened by Martha for her approval as they were written on cards.

Trump called MacCallum out at one point as he could see what was going on. He accused her of asking a “set up question” looking for a different answer.  She got defensive and said no no no, it wasn’t.  This isn’t Trump’s first rodeo. They actually asked if Trump was impeached because he tried to damage his opponent Joe Biden?  They know better than this what his phone call was about but still asked this question. Another cheap shot but Trump kept his cool.  This is what he’s going to have to deal with throughout the election year.

And to the woman who asked how Trump will unite the country because her family has disowned her for supporting Trump, I say,  “It’s nothing to do with Trump.”  I have a sister who disowned me during the Bush years and hasn’t been nice since.  It’s little to do with Trump–just crazy liberalism.  Liberalism is a cult and some weak people get sucked in.  Hard to deprogram their minds. This lady needs to handle her family members by “never talking politics with them.” Of course, there will always the elephant in the room when they have family get togethers but make it a point: “no politics allowed!”  You’ll like your family much better. This lady has been handling her personal life in the wrong way. Not up to Trump to fix.  That’s on her.

MacCallum is going Megyn Kelly on us, I believe.  She’s trying to make a name for herself but at what cost fame?  Does she really want to lose credibility by kowtowing to the left?  It didn’t work for Megyn so maybe she ought to rethink her strategy. But she is trying to sell a book she wrote, so maybe that’s what’s behind her behavior. Trying to get libs to buy it.

Trump held his own in the town hall, better than I thought he would based on the leading questions.  He was calm, soft spoken, and did not get his feathers ruffled.

Warning to Trump:  Beware of MacCallum, Baier, and Wallace when it comes to the Presidential Debates this year on FOX News. One of them will try to make a name for “herself” just like four years ago.  Try to get different moderators maybe Hemmer or even Watters or Harris Faulkner. They seem to be on top of what’s been going on in the news unlike attention-grabber Martha.


One thought on “Is MacCallum Going “Megyn-Kelly” On Us?

  1. Wish I had watched it, I had other things to do that night and couldn’t. Thanks for you analysis, I will pay more attention to Martha and Bret in the future. Although I have to admit, I have heard Bret make questionable comments before. In my opinion, these people become old seasoned commentators, like Brit Hume,and think they have all of the answers, when actually they don’t know anymore than you and I .

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